What I eat in a day: weight loss edition

Since I’ve changed up my calories to work on losing weight (and because I’m not marathon training and have to refuel after long runs), I thought I’d share what I ate in a day on my current macro goals. Which is pretty different from how I was eating during marathon training!


Most mornings, my breakfast is pretty much the same, oatmeal. It’s quick and easy to make in the morning and I can mix up the flavors in it easily. This morning, I did pumpkin spice oatmeal and added in egg whites (I plan out most of my meals the day before so I knew I needed some extra protein).


I also had my normal coffee with sugar-free caramel syrup and frothed milk. Can’t get going as easily in the mornings without it and it’s a nice, relaxing start to my day.


I had messed up my lunch even before getting into work. I had planned on having a spinach salad on the side with some Botlhouse ranch dressing but I didn’t bring any spinach with! Just the dressing. So I decided to move that salad to dinner and just have the leftover parmesan panko pork chop from Sunday night’s dinner. The good thing is I still got in some vegetables with my lunch since the pork chops have a puttanesca sauce!

It’s probably good to note that I’m drinking water throughout the day. I usually have three or four of my 20 oz water bottles by the time I leave work. Sometimes I have a Nuun tablet in one of them but usually it’s just plain water.


I always like to have something small about an hour before my workout and this week it’s been Chobani Greek Yogurt Flips since they were on sale. Today’s flavor was mint chocolate chip, which was surprisingly good! The mint yogurt on it’s own was just ok but the addition of crumbled cookies and rice crisps made it delicious.


I planned on doing my run in the area around my work (get in some long hills on my five mile run) so I blended up my smoothie before hand. Mike was also working late this night so it was going to be easier to drink it on the drive home before I had to take Vinnie out on his walk.

Tonight's smoothie was Chocolate Brownie Batter from MyProtein, plain greek yogurt, a banana and some cold brew coffee. Just the perfect thing to perk me up after a windy five mile run!


I finally got in my spinach salad that I was planning on for lunch while dinner was cooking. I love using our multi-cooker on Tuesday nights since dinner gets done really quickly with little prep work (or it cooks while I’m at work)! Tonight's dinner was Zuppa Tuscano, which was a recipe I had from when we did Whole30. It was super delicious and easy to make, everything basically got dumped in and cooked for about 20 minutes! Which meant I had time to foam roll while it was cooking.


And that’s pretty typical of what I’m eating in a day right now! A lot more vegetables than during training for Twin Cities marathon, which I’m hoping to carry over to Eau Claire marathon training.