How I deal with muscle soreness

Right after the Twin Cities Marathon, and continuing on with my new workout schedule, I’ve been dealing with a lot of soreness. So I thought I’d pull together the ways I deal with muscle soreness and help it go away.

Epsom Salt Baths

I took a lot of cold baths during marathon training (which helped cool down my body and helped with muscle soreness. But I wasn’t so keen on cold baths in those days after the marathon or now that I’m doing my long runs in near freezing temperatures.

But what helped a ton after the marathon were epsom salt baths. Seriously, I took one every single day for about five days post-marathon. It might have just been the hot water, it might have been what else I was doing to help with soreness, but those baths were so relaxing and I could feel my muscles loosening up during them. And I’ve continued using hot epsom salt baths post-long run.

I might go back to cold baths with marathon training (maybe...I do start training at the end of December and I’ll still have a bulk of the coldest Minnesota weather to deal with) but you can bet that I’ll be relying on epsom salt baths post-Eau Claire Marathon to help me get back to feeling normal.

Low Intensity Cardio

Now that I’ve upped my days of doing strength training, I’m dealing with more soreness from that. Which makes total sense, my body is not used to that and it’s changing in response. One thing that I’ve found that helps out is doing some low intensity cardio after my weight sessions. It keeps my body moving longer but without putting as much stress on my body and it gets my body ready for a good foam rolling session.

Of course, since I’m doing running and weights in the same session for two of my three strength training days, it isn’t always practical for me to add in twenty or thirty minutes of cardio on top of the hour or more I’m spending already. But even getting Vinnie for a walk helps me keep that blood flowing after a weight training session.

Foam Rolling

I’ve already written about how much I love foam rolling over stretching. And it’s something I’m getting back into for this between marathon training cycles time because I fell off the foam rolling train. So now I’m making my goal to spend 10 minutes foam rolling post-run (and hopefully doing some on the days I’m not running).

Even just getting back into it this week I can tell the difference it’s making. I can also tell how tight I am after not doing much foam rolling for the last month or so. Look for a post later this week for how I foam roll post-run!


I’m still going in and getting monthly massages and I still love them as part of my recovery routine. But one thing I also use to deal with muscle soreness is getting MIke to get into my tight spots. It’s much easier than trying to do self-massage (especially on hard to reach spots like my shoulders that are getting more sore from the extra strength training) and I also find it hard to get deep enough on my own. Plus, it amuses Vinnie to no end when I’m cracking up from Mike trying to get into a particularly tight spot.

How do you deal with muscle soreness?