What are my food staples?

I’ve been noticing over the last year that I have a list of food staples. Things that, when I’m making my grocery shopping list, I make sure that I have it in the apartment. These have been a constant through my marathon training and into my cutting phase so they are definitely flexible foods. So here they are and how I use them!


Lately I’ve been using bananas in almost every single post-workout smoothie. Freezing them makes it more voluminous and creamy plus eliminates the need for ice. I also love a banana in oatmeal with peanut butter.

Old fashioned oats

If you couldn’t tell by the fact that I’ve named myself the Oatmeal Runner, I love my oatmeal breakfasts. In fact, a lot of my staples are things I put into my oatmeal! It’s a warm, filling breakfast that is easily customizable. But uncooked oats also are great blended up in a smoothie (which I’m excited to get back to with marathon training!).

Peanut butter

I might not be able to live without peanut butter, it’s probably my favorite nut butter. Mostly, I’m using it in my breakfast oatmeal or Kodiak cakes but it’s also a delicious addition to mug cakes.

Frozen berries

Another oatmeal and smoothie staple is frozen berries. I keep a big bag of frozen mixed berries in the freezer at all times and it lasts me a couple of weeks. Plus, like peanut butter, it’s another great addition to mug cakes.


Sweet potatoes

I love my spiralized sweet potato noodles! They are great as a pasta substitute or made into hash browns. Other ways I use sweet potatoes is as baked fries (of course) or microwaved when I need a quick carb source.

Cauliflower rice

I’m loving cauliflower rice right now as a substitute for rice so I don’t use up all my remaining carbs on a ½ cup of rice (when I could have a ton of cauliflower rice). It’s a great way to add volume to my lunch and dinner while also adding in more vegetables to my diet.


Lately, I’ve been on a spinach salad kick but I also love it cooked with my eggs or blended up in a smoothie. Again, another way to sneak in extra vegetables plus it doesn’t add much extra flavor to my smoothie.

Chicken breast

I have a ton of chicken recipes and most of them involve chicken breasts. But beyond all these recipes, chicken breasts just make an easy meat to cook when I don’t want to make a huge meal. All it needs to some spices and 25 minutes of cooking, then it can be eaten with almost anything!

Eggs/egg whites

I love using eggs and egg whites anytime of the day. Mike actually got me into loving runny eggs (and my favorite brunch meal now is eggs benedict...unless there’s an awesome waffle option) and one of my favorite post-long run meals during marathon training was eggs in a basket. I’ve started buying egg whites by the carton to add into my oatmeal for extra protein since it’s a faster (and cheaper) option than cracking and separating whole eggs.

What are some of your food staples? Let me know in the comments!