Why do I love #BibChat?

I’ve been getting back into using Twitter lately (you can follow me @JenniferLThiel) and one highlight of my Tweeting week is #BIbChat. It’s a Twitter chat hosted every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. CT by Bibrave and has a different running-related sponsor every week.

So why do I love #BibChat? For one thing, it brings me into the running community. I know every Tuesday night I can go and chat with runners around the country (and world) about running! There’s not too many other opportunities for me to have a consistent time chatting with other runners so it’s a great way to do it online. Plus, I’ve made some great Twitter friends that I interact with outside of #BIbChat.

It’s a widespread of runners and what events they do so it’s inspiring to see everyone from beginners to ultra marathoners talking about the same topic. Plus it’s given me a ton of people on Twitter and helped me get into regular Twitter use. Because I follow so many great people doing awesome running things form #Bibchat!

It’s also a fun way to wind down at night. Tuesdays are one of my busiest days so it’s nice to know I have this time set aside to sit down and talk with people. Of course, since I’m so busy I get pretty tired towards the end of the chat and there’s times where I’ve had to leave early to go to bed!

Lastly, I find it helps out my blogging a lot. There’s a different topic every week and six questions to go along with it. Everything from food, to music to equipment and anything in between has been talked about so far. So it gets me thinking about generating ideas for what I’m going to blog about in the future. Which really helps fill out my schedule since I’m enjoying doing shorter, most regular posts and #BibChat helps me brainstorm topics while interacting with other runners.

I hope to see you at a future #BibChat, give me a virtual wave if you see me on there!