What I ate in a day: work travel edition

I got back last night from my work conference in Chicago. So I thought I’d quickly share what I ate during my full day at the work conference. I was hoping to stay as healthy as possible on this trip, especially since I didn’t want to feel stuffed or sick from eating food I wasn’t used to while on a work trip.

I started off the day, not with breakfast, but with a workout. I wanted to get into the gym and get my workout done before it got too busy (and so I could get some work done before the first session started) so I didn’t eat anything. I did have a lemon lime Nuun tablet in my water to give my body some electrolytes to get through my weights session. This was a totally planned move but it happened that I got my email that morning that I am Nuun Ambassador for 2018! Nuun is my favorite way to flavor my water and enhance my training so I’m super excited to represent them in 2018.


After I got with my weights and elliptical, I did get some food in me. I had packed some dried oats and protein powder to eat post-workout so I made those using the coffee machine in my room. Of course, it’s all an estimate so I had way too much water in there. The oats were still delicious and the leftover water was like a hot chocolate (since I used a chocolate caramel pretzel protein powder). I had a cup of coffee in my room while getting ready and then headed down to get some work done.


Of course, I swung by the conference breakfast to grab a small yogurt and another coffee for eating while I worked. I don’t normally drink this much coffee but I didn’t think there’d be any other way to get through the day without some caffeine.

For lunch, I walked to the Whole Foods a couple of blocks away. I had planned on grabbing a salad but none of them particularly popped out to me. Most were very low protein and high in fat, the opposite of what I was craving. Instead, I got some white fish in a wine sauce with artichokes from the hot bar along with sweet potatoes and chickpea salad. Super delicious, even though I was slightly cautious about fish from a hot bar. But it looked flakey and well cooked and it was!.


Now, for dinner, which was the least healthy meal I’ve had in awhile. There was an awards ceremony after the last session of the day, and we got a free drink at it, so I had a glass of wine and got to catch up with my former boss. After it, my co-worker and I had ordered deep dish pizza to be delivered to the hotel. Because neither of us felt like walking the ½ mile or so to the restaurant but we wanted some pizza. We did make sure to add on chicken, spinach and tomatoes so it felt slightly healthier. But I stopped at two pieces, which made me full but not overly stuffed (which isn’t too hard when you’re wearing jeggings).


And that’s a quick look at what I had while at a work conference. I felt luckily that there was a Whole Foods close by and a I had brought food so I didn’t have to worry as much about relying on restaurant/takeout food.