Oatmeal Runner Reviews: Achievment

We know that being healthy can pay off in the long term by creating lower health care costs but what about what right now? How can you earn money just by being healthy without being a super fast runner and winning races? What I use is a simple website called Achievment.

What is Achievment? It’s a website (and now an app available on Apple and Android products) that you can connect tons of other apps for and earn points for healthy activities. Once you hit 10,000 points, you can get $10 sent directly to your bank or Paypal account. It’s simple as that!


Of course, you won’t hit 10,000 points super quick but it is “free” money that you earn by things you are already doing and logging. I’ve already earned $40 this year and I should be getting another $10 by the end of the year. And that’s extra money that I don’t feel like I’ve done extra work to do.

It’s important to note that Achievment does sell the aggregated data from their user base. That’s how they can pay you for your healthy habits. But personally, I don’t have a problem with my data being used like that. My data is already being used by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to serve me annoying ads so why don’t I get paid for it instead?


So, what apps do I have connected to Achievment?

  • Strava

  • MyFitnessPal

  • Samsung Health

  • Twitter

Most of the points I get are from Strava for my runs so the points really add up while I’m in training (but points for exercise max out at 80). But even the small points I get from logging food, sleep, my weight and steps (up to six points per day for each activity) add up over time. It’s exciting to log into the app and see that bar of total points get more and more green each day. I get motivated to keep on with my daily activities just to see that bar increasing!

You can also get extra points from offers, which range from referrals to downloading the app to completing surveys. I’ve only had a couple of surveys come my way but they have been super short and you get a good amount of points for it. I think one of them was your plans for exercising on Thanksgiving day (which yes, I did get in a great workout that day!). Achievment also partners with organizations to run health-related studies but I haven’t been chosen for one of those yet.

If you want to get started with Achievment, I do have a referral link that I’d love if you would use. We both get bonus points if you sign up with it so it’s a win-win situation!