Oatmeal Runner Reviews...Red Velvet Power Crunch Bars

If you've been following this blog for a while you're probably realized I don't do a lot of eating protein bars. When I need to get in a post-workout meal I usually prefer a protein shake or if I need to get in extra protein throughout the day my go-to is usually a whole food source like eggs or Greek yogurt. Lately I found that there are times when I need something that's a little bit more portable  or something that I can just grab and go. So I've been trying out different protein bars lately and I was going to kick off a series of reviews with the Red Velvet Power Crunch bar.


Now the first thing you need to know is that I love anything red velvet flavored. Red Velvet Oreos are my favorite flavor and we had red velvet cupcakes at our wedding. So when I saw Red Velvet Power Crunch bars at the grocery store Of course I had to grab a couple to try.

I've seen some other people already talking about Power Crunch bars and how amazing they are out of the freezer so as soon as I got home they went straight into the freezer and they happen to sit there for a while. No, it wasn't because I wasn't excited to eat them but they are a bit harder to fit into my macros right now since they are higher fat compared to my usual sources of protein. The macro breakdown for these bars are 11 grams carbs, 13 grams protein and 13 grams fat. It's hard to decide to spend 13 grams of fat when I could have a couple of whole eggs and it would be more filling as part of a meal.

So I really had to make an effort with the macros to try them but I'm really glad I did because they are delicious.  They had an awesome red velvet flavor between the wafers and the cream cheese coating which I wasn't expecting to be as great tasting as it was. It’s hard to replicate dessert flavors in a “healthier” option. It was also nice to get a different texture than most protein bars. Because these are made with wafers, they have a nice crunch to them especially right out of the freezer. Which is a nice break from all the other soft protein bars.


Of course the wafers made the bars seem more dry than other protein bars. Even though it has more fat in it then some of the other protein bars I have on hand. My mouth felt pretty dry after eating it, which wasn't the best thing the first time I was trying it because it was a post workout snack and I didn't happen to have any water on me. So when I had it again as a pre-workout  snack, I made sure to have a full water bottle by me and it made the experience a whole lot better so I wasn't focusing just on how dry my mouth was.

Overall, this was a really great mix up from the normal protein bars I've been having and of course it being red velvet flavored gives to the big thumbs up for me. I'd probably be able to fit this in easier when I'm marathon training and find it harder to get my macros in without feeling overly bloated.

Have you tried the red velvet or any other flavor of Power Crunch bars? Let me know in the comments below what you think about them.