Oatmeal Runner Reviews...Brooks Ghosts

It’s taken me awhile to find my preferred pairs of running shoes. I’ve been switching between brands and lines since I’ve started running four years ago. Of course, it might have been easier if I’d gotten fitted at a running store but during training for Twin Cities Marathon I finally found what works best for me. And that shoe is Brooks Ghosts.


I love my Brooks Ghosts, I have two pairs in rotation right now with a third waiting to be rotated in. And they are by far the best shoes for me that I’ve run in, especially since I’m putting more mileage on since I’ve transition to marathon running. I was running in a pair of Brooks Launch during half training and I found that the Ghosts have more cushioning, without feeling overly-pillowy. The extra cushioning also doesn’t feel like it adds a lot of extra weight to my feet.

One thing I’m also enjoying now that there’s snow on the ground (and sidewalks) is how grippy they are. Several of the sidewalks I run on are just packed snow right now and in the past, I would have switched to running in the unpacked snow than on the sidewalk because I’d be losing traction. But on my runs in the Ghosts, I don’t even notice that I’m running on packed snow versus a clear sidewalk. I haven’t hit any spots that feel slick or have had to shorten my stride to compensate.


One thing that is both a  win and downside to these shoes depending on the weather I’m running in is that the upper part of these shoes is very breathable. Which is awesome when running on the treadmill or summer runs (I feel like my feet are less sweaty than in other shoes) but when it’s raining (or if I’m running in fresh snow), my feet get more wet. Luckily, I haven’t had a problem with the extra moisture causing blistering, even with it raining for the second half of the Twin CIties Marathon.

I’m excited to train for the Eau Claire Marathon exclusively in my Brooks Ghosts (during my Twin Cities Marathon training I still had a good amount of mileage left in two pairs of Brooks Launch). I have one pair of Ghosts with 259 miles and another with 164 miles so I will be buying pair #4 in the future so I can continue to switch between pairs while training.

Do you run in Brooks Ghosts? If not, what’s your go-to running shoes? Let me know in the comments!