How your SO can support your running habit

You’ve probably picked up from past blog posts that Mike, my husband, isn’t much of a runner. And I’m sure that many other runners have significant others that aren’t as into runners as they are. Today I’m sharing some of the ways that Mike supports my running habit and hopefully some of these are familiar to you as well!


Joining me for runs

During marathon training, Mike joined me on many of my weekend runs on his bike which was amazing for moral support because I know when I’ll see him along the run and it made me feel like I wasn’t out there alone. And even when he wasn’t biking along on my long runs, after I got past the 15 mile mark he’d drop me off and pick me up (because trying to drive after running 15 or more miles isn’t the best idea, my brain is just dead).


I love getting my professional massages but there’s nothing quite like a quick rub down after a pace or long run. And there’s no way I can afford weekly massages. Luckily, Mike steps in and always does a great job of helping out with tight spots in my calves. He’s even willing to take my stick roller to my legs if there’s an incredibly tight spot to get out.

Joining me for 5Ks

Of course, I can always get Mike to run a 5K race with them (especially if there’s a free beer afterwards). Even though we don’t run together since I’m a speedier runner than Mike, it’s fun to start off together and then cheer him in. It’s a great date activity that’s not just going out for dinner or a drink (although one or the other usually happens afterwards).

Cooking food

It’s so nice coming back from a long run, showering, eating something quick and then hoping in for a nap. It’s even better knowing that Mike is going to make dinner that night. Especially during marathon training, I’m going to wake up from that nap hungry and having dinner made for me is awesome. I can get a quick shakeout walk with Vinnie after I get up and then dinner is waiting for me. It’s also great right now that Mike cooks dinner on Thursday nights since I’ve got a double workout (runs and weights) so I’m ready to eat right after that too!

Listening to me talk about running

This is probably the most important thing Mike does to support my running habit. He listens to me talk about it...a lot. Whether it’s what is coming up in my training, something interesting I read or listened to today or something I’m complaining about, he just listens. It’s just nice to have someone to talk to about this sometimes even if he isn’t living and breathing running like I am. Of course, then I get the same thing from him with video games and footballs.

How does your SO support your running habit? Let me know in the comments!