December Faves

It’s my last favorites post of 2017! December has just flown by with how busy it is (between work and holiday plans) so here’s a short list of some of my favorite things.

All the handknit things!

It’s frigid in Minnesota (this last week has mostly been close to or below zero) so my hand knitted items have been getting quite a workout. I have a couple of hats, four sweaters, lots of socks and shawls to layer ono to keep me warm. Plus I’m almost done with another shawl and Mike got me yarn for a new sweater!


Since I’m off of work until January 3rd, I finally feel like I have time to do more baking. My parents got us a Kitchen Aid mixer for our wedding and I’ve used it a couple of times but haven’t been doing too much baking. So far, I have made a loaf of banana bread but I’m also hoping to make some pizza dough to freeze.


The Crown

I’m loving Netflix’s series based on Queen Elizabeth and am super excited that season two is out. Especially since I’ve been on the treadmill a lot lately. It’s just a gorgeous series of I’m a sucker for historical dramas.


We finally went and saw The Last Jedi on December 26th (well, it was Mike’s second time seeing it) and my favorite part might have been the porgs. Not a plot spoiler, but one of my favorite scenes was when Chewbacca was about to chow down on a roasted porg and a live one makes super sad eyes at him.

What are your favorite things from December (or all of 2017)? Let me know in the comments!