What do I listen to while lifting weights?

I’ve talked a lot about what I listen to while running, which is basically podcasts or audiobooks unless it’s a race, but I haven’t talked about what I listen to while lifting weights. Not surprisingly, it’s something completely different from my normal running listening.

I listen to music while lifting and like to just pick a playlist at random from Google Music. There’s a huge amount of pre-set playlist for me to pick from. So once I’m warmed up, I scroll through the app, pick one and turn up the music loud. It helps to block out the music at the gym (or silence when I’m at the apartment gym) and gets me into the zone.

When I have music pumping through my headphones, I get into the zone and block out everyone around me. Which is really nice when I go to LA Fitness because usually the weights area is full of men and i feel like I stand out a ton. Especially since my workout clothes consist of bright colors and all the guys are in black or navy.

Here’s some of my favorite Google Music Playlist for lifting weights (yes, it’s basically just pop music):

  • Get Pumped: Pop Anthems

    • Get a bigger pop out of your workout with these singalong hits of the '90s, 2000s, and today. You'll elevate your mood and your heart rate at the same time.

  • Ultimate Dance-Pop Party

    • Soundtrack your party with the most floor-filling pop hits from the past three decades.

  • Catwalk the Sidewalk

    • Feel runway-ready even before you’re out the door with this playlist of chic and confident pop and R&B from the '90s to today.

  • All Hail the Queens

    • It’s time for all queens’ reign, where props and respect for women rule. No hateration allowed. So grab your girls and groove to rap, R&B and anthemic pop jams that empower, elevate, uplift and celebrate your inner diva. Who run the world? Girls!

  • All-Time Pumped-Up Hits

    • Featuring fast tempos and huge choruses, these hit songs from the past four decades will get your blood pumping.

What do you listen to while lifting weights? Let me know in the comments!