Dealing with an unexpected injury

Well, I almost made it through 2017 without injuring myself. But today (Thursday as I’m writing this post in advanced) I slipped on some ice and went down on my left knee. This isn’t the first time I’ve slipped this winter and I figured it would be fine after I walked it off a little bit. I’m four days out from marathon training, there’s no way I could have injured myself right?

Wrong. I was on my way to the apartment gym (literally a minute away from the apartment) so I continued on to my workout. I got on the treadmill and started warming up a little before running. There was a little bit of soreness but I wrote it off since I just fell. It wasn’t painful at all so I didn’t think anything of it. Until I tried to run. My knee was hurting a lot more than I expected it to. So, I decided not to run (I was smart enough to do that) but I thought I could still get through my strength training. There wasn’t the impact of running there to bother my knee.

So I got on the elliptical and got in a thirty minute session on there. A little bit of soreness but no pain. Until I got off and started walking towards the weights. There was more pain, nothing sharp but enough I knew it wouldn’t be good to put anymore stress on it. What my knee needs is some rest and icy hot.

And so here I sit, smelling of icy hot and hoping that a days rest will help my knee. I know nothing major happened when I fell on my knee, there’s no bruising, no swelling, no tenderness when pushing on my knee. It’s just sore when I try to put too much impact on it. So I should be back to running (and the rest of my workouts) quickly.

But it frightened me at first when I had the pain trying to run and then when I got off the treadmill. Four days out from marathon training and I couldn’t run. I’ve never had any major injuries that have kept me from running. I’ve fallen before during running and have just picked myself up and continued on. I don’t know if it was just the way I landed this time or something else. And if I had gone to the apartment gym a different way, I probably wouldn’t have fallen at all.

There’s nothing else I can do right now beyond resting it and hoping it heals. My plan is that I’ll do some light cardio and yoga on Friday (along with continuing icing and elevating my knee) and that I’ll be back to weights and running on Saturday (when this post goes live). And then I’ll be able to get in one more longer run before 2018 comes around.