What are my goals for 2018?

Well, it’s been a wild ride and and 2017 is almost over. I’m not much for making resolutions but I thought today I’d share some of my fitness and personal goals for 2018.

Fitness Goals

  • Sub 5-hour marathon (with a stretch of a 4:45 marathon time)
  • New 5K PR (my current PR is 28:35)
  • Practice yoga at least once a week

Personal Goals

  • Read 12 books in 2018
  • Knit 52 squares on my scrap blanket (the equivalent of one per week)
  • Meditate daily for at least 5 minutes

I’m already doing a lot of these on a regular basis but I’m hoping to create most consistency in 2018. 2017 was the year of new (marathon training and blogging) so in 2018 I’m hoping to be more consistent in what I’m doing. I’ll probably do a little update each month on how I’m doing on my goals and what I’m learning from them.

What are your goals for 2018? Let me know in the comments!