Keeping balance on a work trip

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading down to Chicago for a work conference. I don’t do a lot of travel for work (this is basically the one trip I take every year) and it’s my first time going down there while focusing on losing weight. My approach to this is going to be very different from my honeymoon. Since it’s only three days and I’ll be sitting at sessions most day, I want to keep a handle on my eating and exercising. Of course, I will be having deep dish pizza one night because it’s Chicago!


Here’s the three things I’ll be doing to keep healthy on my work trip:

Packing along my breakfast (oatmeal and protein powder)

Our hotel doesn’t offer a breakfast and what’s served at the conference for breakfast is bagels, yogurt and fruit. Not the most filling things for me (although I will be partaking in the coffee). So I’ll be packing oatmeal and protein powder to make in my hotel room. What I do is cover the mixture with hot water form the coffee pot and let it sit for about 5 minutes until the oats are soft. Of course, I will be helping myself to fruit and yogurt from the conference to supplement my food.

Getting in my workouts

Luckily, while my hotel doesn’t offer a hot breakfast, it does have an awesome gym. So I’ll be following my workout plan to a T. I could go running outside but I’m going to stick to the treadmill just since i don’t know how the paths are by the hotel. I have a long run planned for Sunday so I will be doing that at night (my flight leaves at 9 a.m.) and cutting it down to about 6 or 7 miles. Luckily, the new season of The Crown is on Netflix so I have that to watch! Otherwise, I’ll be doing my Monday and Tuesday workouts in the morning when I get up so I get in movement before sessions start.

Drinking water

I know from past years that I don’t do well getting my water in at the conference. So I will be carrying my water bottle with me and making sure I get in my five bottles a day. I’m planning on bringing along some Nuun to flavor my water too so that I have a little bit more incentive to drink it (and to mix up the taste of plain water.

How do you keep healthy on a work trip? Let me know in the comments!