Oatmeal Runner Reviews...Body Glide

I'll say right away, Body Glide is saving my legs during marathon training. Not even joking. Between the heat, humidity and sweat, my legs would be so red and chafed if not for Body Glide.

I first bought some Body Glide because I was worried about chafing during my long runs. I'm firmly in team short shorts because I don't want to deal with that extra fabric but I also knew my thighs were going to rub against each other. Because that's what thighs do. So I started just applying it for my long runs all around my legs.

Now I've gone down a dark hole of applying Body Glide. I'm applying it for every single run since I'm dealing with the rubbing and short shorts situation for all of my runs. And I've started applying it to my feet for long runs to prevent blisters .

And it's working like a charm. I haven't been dealing with the pain of hopping into a shower post-run only to feel the burning pain of chaffed skin being hit with water. And no blisters on my feet! Which is a miracle in itself because I'd gotten used to blisters at least once during half training and I"m running more miles with no sign of blisters on my toes.

Do you use Body Glide (or a similar product)?