July Faves

With the new look of Oatmeal Runner, I'm adding a new feature with my favorite things from the past month. The last Friday of every month you'll find out what I've been loving recently! Sometimes they'll be running related, sometimes not. Because somehow, I have a life outside of running.


How Bad You Do You Want It? By Matt Fitzgerald

This was the audiobook I listened to between Outlander books and i loved it! Although it didn't focus on actual techniques for mental toughness, the stores were enjoyable and inspiring while I was out on my runs. I wasn't too sure how interesting I would find it because it didn't focus exclusively on long distances running (lots of track, triathlons and cycling) but I didn't even really notice  that aspect once I got in.


Not Real Runners Podcasts

Running podcasts are some of my favorites to listen to (I have 12 or 13 that I listen to weekly) and I'm always on the lookout for new ones. I've listened to a bunch that just don't hold my interest. But in July, I found Not Real Runners and am in love with it! It's very much a non-serious look at running that I'm all about. 



Don't worry, I still love my oatmeal but waffles are becoming my second favorite breakfast food. I made another batch of strawberry waffles (this time with chocolate chips also) and they are so good. It probably didn't help that I also put half a container of Halo Top on one after my 15 mile run last Sunday. Perfect post-run and pre-nap combination.


Running in Downtown Minneapolis

I've been loving my long runs and part of this is running in downtown Minneapolis. There's so much people watching to do as I run so it keeps my mind off the run. Plus, it's gorgeous running along the river and through all the parks.


HamilKnit Hat

I finished my HamilKnit hat after working on it for about a month! Now to just make Mike's before Hamilton comes to Minneapolis in 2018/19.



What have been some of your favorites things in July?