August Running Plans

I still can't believe that we are at the end of July, didn't summer just start? Now it's almost over! July was a big month for running (look for a recap of July running on Wednesday) and August will be another one! In my July running plans, I talked about how I"d never run more than 30 miles in a week. Now, August will be my first month of running more than 40 miles in a week.

July 31-August 6: 41 miles
August 7-13: 44 miles
August 14-20: 36 miles
August 21-27:43 miles
August 28-September 3: 35 miles

Also exciting is that I'll be getting in my first 20 mile long run on August 27! I have two in my training plan (the second run I'll be doing as the Bear Water Run on September 9) and it's a milestone I'm looking forward to. My shortest long run in August will be 13 miles, which is crazy to say that will be my shortest because that used to be my race distance.

I'll be on vacation the second week of August, camping up in northern Minnesota with my family. Luckily, we are driving back on Saturday so I won't have to try and get in my 18 mile long run up there but I will have three runs while I"m up there and a yoga session. Kind of thinking I"ll be bringing my yoga mat down to a dock and doing some yoga lakeside!

We'll also be heading to the Minnesota State Fair sometime in August which means lots of walking and lots of food and alcohol. I'm already looking forward to my annual red velvet funnel cake and checking out the dogs!

Not a red velvet funnel cake but still delicious!

Not a red velvet funnel cake but still delicious!

What are your training plans for August?