July Running in Review

July was a huge month of running for me. I hit a lot firsts during this month:

  • First week over 30 miles
  • First run past 13.1 miles
  • First month over 150 miles

Seeing all my stats add up over the month was really encouraging especially as I’ve had some rougher weeks running (especially the last week of training in July). It’s been a combination between the heat and not sleeping well but I think I’m getting it figured it out.

Speaking of sleep (not to jinx anything) but I think it’s finally getting back on track. I’ve been waking up every once in awhile in the night but for the past week I’ve been able to get back to sleep pretty quickly. Unlike earlier in July when I’d wake up multiple times in a night or stay awake for close to an hour. The big difference I made was cutting out melatonin (which I was taking because I was having problems falling asleep) and have been trying not to drink water after 8 p.m.

I made a goal for July to get in one core workout a week and I reached that goal! It’s tough getting it in on top of everything else but Tuesdays have been the day I’ve been fitting it in. Hopefully I’ll continue this through the rest of marathon training because I keep on hearing how important core training is for marathon training. Fingers crossed!

I also finished listening to two books in July (An Echo in the Bone and How Bad Do you Want It)! I've started Written in My Own Heart's Blood on my easy runs, which is the last novel in the Outlander series and is just over 45 hours. So it will probably last me through the end of marathon training.

How was your running in July?