Twin Cities Marathon Training Week 11

Wow, what a week of training! I was on vacation for most of it which was pretty awesome but also made for some interesting runs. So let’s get into it!

Monday, August 7

I was feeling a little bit sore after Sunday's long run so I'm quite sure how well cross training would go to this day. I work from home in the morning since I needed to get stuff ready to go camping the next day and took off the afternoon to get my workout in and pack up everything.

When I got to the gym I was feeling pretty good. I got on the elliptical and went on there for about 20 minutes feeling a little bit soreness in my legs but nothing too bad. But when I went down to do the weights, I had to go up and weights because the dumbbells I would normally use weren't there.

I ended up making it through about three-quarters of my weights workout before I had to call it quits. My legs were just feeling too sore to continue and I decided to spend the extra time I had foam rolling instead. The first time I've had to cut a session short during marathon training but probably not the last.

Tuesday, August 8

Starting off the morning with a run since we were heading out camping that day also. The weather felt really good outside, cool but not too cool and sunny. I was a little bit worried about how my legs would feel since I had to cut my workout short the day before due to soreness but they felt pretty good.

Actually they felt really good as you can tell from my splits. I didn't try slowing down on purpose at all except during the fourth mile where I was really at slower than my easy pace but the entire run felt really good. I did some foam rolling afterwards to try and prevent soreness and put on a pair of compression socks to wear on the car ride. Mike and I took two separate cars so I had to drive with Vinnie in my passenger side seat for two and a half hours. By the time we got up to the campground I was feeling it in my legs.

Wednesday, August 9

And here's where the soreness really kicked in. I'm not sure if it was just still soreness left over from Sunday's long run or from driving two and a half hours today before or sleeping on an air mattress with a dog who demands that he gets all the mattress to himself. But I had eight miles on Wednesday to do at the campground and it was a slog.

My legs just felt like they were being drug through mud the entire time and there was nothing I could do about that. I stopped a couple of times along the way just stretch and try to get the soreness out of my legs just a little bit more. But it didn't help too much. This is probably the worst one I've had so far during marathon training.

So is a little bit crabby when I got back from the run. It also didn't help that we are looking at rain most of the rest of the day. But luckily I got over my crabbiness from the run and the rain didn't last as long as they were predicting. So at least I wasn't stuck just sitting around watching the rain fall down. We got in a couple of good walks with Vinnie although he was very sad that he could not go into the lake today.

Thursday, August 10

Unexpected rest day on a Thursday this week! I was thinking that I could get in my run before the rain started but it started drizzling as I was getting ready for my run and taking Vinnie on a morning walk. It ended up raining hard enough that the screen house started flooding (there was a slope to our campsite) and we headed over to hang out in my parents’ camper. Luckily the rain didn’t last too long, especially since we had three dogs over 50lbs each in the camper. I could have probably gotten my run in later in the day if I wanted to but the weather kept on looking iffy and I decided to just keep it as a rest day since my brother, sister-in-law and nephew came up for camping that day.

Friday, August 11

It was really strange running on a Friday since I don’t think I’ve done it since my half training ended in May. But it ended up being a really great feeling run. Still some soreness in my legs but nowhere as bad as Wednesday’s run. Which I wasn’t expecting at all since I was pretty active with all the walking I was doing and I wasn’t able to foam roll like I usually do.

It helped a lot that I actually did a dynamic warm up before this run (with Vinnie being very interested in what I was doing). It helped that I didn’t have to run for two miles on the side of the highway either since it was only a five mile run.

Plus, there was wildlife on this run! I thought they were just lawn ornaments at first but it was actually a doe and two fawns in the front yard of a cabin. I stopped and watched them for a minute or two (and the doe watched me back) before they decided to continue on across the highway.

Saturday, August 12

One last run before leaving the campground and no rain in the forecast. I was glad that it was not a pace run at all since I didn’t get a rest day before it like I normally would and there would be no way I could run eight miles at marathon pace. Just kept on running on what felt like an easy pace for my legs at the time and it felt really good. I also ran an extra mile around the “townsquare” area of Crosslake so I only had to run a mile on the side of the highway this time.

And then I got in the car and drove three hours back home. I put on my compression socks to cutback (hopefully) on the soreness I’d feel from sitting for that long after my run since I knew i was looking at eighteen miles the next morning. Plus, we had dinner with Mike’s parents not too long after we got unpacked so it was a busy day.

Saturday Run Splits.jpg

Sunday, August 13

I wasn’t sure how this run would go since I hadn’t been eating the best while camping (I had a beer or two every day) and I didn’t do a lot of foam rolling leading up to it. After waking up naturally at 6 a.m. the last couple of days, that 4:30 a.m. alarm was pretty rough.

I started out feeling really good. It was cloudy and no one else was parked in the lot when Mike dropped me off. I did my dynamic warm up to get the blood flowing in my legs and started off at what felt like a good pace. The first fifteen miles felt really good even though I stopped at a couple of port-a-potties along the way (which was abnormal and probably because of the not so great drinking I did during the week). There was a Polish Festival happening in downtown Minneapolis so I had to run on the cobblestone sidewalk instead of the paved paths (and avoid more people than I normally have to going that way).

But I got past mile 15 and my right quad decided to start cramping up. Which it’s never done before but I usually feeling like my right side is tighter so I wasn’t too surprised. I walked a little until it stopped cramping up, then stretched out my quad thinking that would be help. It did somewhat but it kept on happening randomly until the end. So I went really slow running, walking as needed, until I hit mile 18. Which was really frustrating. I was considering telling Mike at one point to just come and pick me up where I was but I made it through. I did start texting Mike for some support during the last half mile or so just to make it through.

We went out to brunch right afterwards with Mike’s family (luckily they were ok with me being kind of gross after my run, I did clean up as much as I could in the car ride over) and it was delicious. Lots of carbs to refuel me but I was done by the time we left. I had enough energy to shower and then crawled into bed for a nap...and ended up only sleeping for about two hours. Oh well.

Next week is a cutback week which I’m so grateful for since I have had one since week six of training! My runs during the workweek are all five miles then an eight mile pace run and thirteen mile long run. Which I’m pretty sure will feel like nothing compared to this week’s long run!

How was your last week of running?