Oatmeal Runner Reviews...Nuun

I love my flavored water. It helps me get in more water everyday (because plain water gets boring after a while) and it’s a nice little treat. So it goes without saying that I love Nuun tablets. I might have a slight addiction to Nuun since I have two different flavors on the counter right now. Down from five because I finished three of them off.

What is Nuun? It’s an electrolyte enhanced tablet that you drop into your water and go. I love using it on my long runs since it’s lightly flavored and isn’t overly sweet. Unlike Gatorade which can make my stomach feel gross if I’m constantly sipping on it. But with Nuun, I can drop a tablet into my handheld and I get electrolytes along the way.

Since my handheld is 9oz, my water is a little more concentrated than recommended at first (they recommend using it in 16oz of water). But since I fill my handheld along the way, I keep on making it less concentrated as I top it off. One thing I would warn you about is that it is fizzy so there have been times where I squeeze a little bit too hard and it squirts all over the place. And it sounds like it’s going to fizz right out of the handheld at first but I haven't had that happen yet. It helps a lot to lightly press on the bottle to let out some of the built of fizziness.

Another way I like to have my Nuun is to fill up my 24oz water bottle and drop in a tablet so I can sip on it throughout the day. I find it’s the perfect flavor at this concentration versus dropping it in regular glass of water. Plus it makes me feel like I’m getting more Nuun for my money since I’m flavoring more water with it!

Right now, I think my favorite flavor is Blackberry Citrus (part of their new Nuun Vitamins line). The taste of lemon right at the end of each sip is the perfect companion to the sweet berry taste. Plus, in addition to the electrolytes, there’s 11 vitamins and minerals which makes me feel a little bit better about what I’m putting into my body when I’m not eating as much fruit and vegetables as I’d like to.

Have you used Nuun before?