Six Tips for Training While on Vacation

Since I just got back from my first (and only) vacation during marathon training, I thought I’d share some of the tips I use whenever I go on vacation while I’m training for a race. It takes a little bit extra planning (and patience) but you can manage to stay on track and enjoy your vacation!

Pack extra clothes

If you have the space to pack a bag just with running clothes, do it! Then you can bring extra layering pieces in case the weather suddenly changes. One thing I found really nice while camping was also to bring a separate bag to put my clothes in after I was done running because I didn’t want them being close to anything else.

Don’t stress it

You don't’ have as much control over when (or if) you can run on vacation as you do at home. You might have to move your run to a different day or skip it all together. But don’t worry about it, a skipped run won’t ruin your training (and the extra rest might even be helpful)!

Check out possible routes ahead of time

Nothing is less fun than trying to get in your miles and making up a route on the fly. I use MapMyRun often so I know where I need to go to get in my miles (and I can see my routes on my phone). You can also check out segments on Strava for where you are heading to see where people are running.

Take safety seriously

You should always be taking safety seriously but it’s really important when running on vacation. Make sure someone knows when and where you are running just in case something happens.

Stay hydrated

I didn’t do a great job of this while I was camping and I could tell the difference it made on my long run once I got back. Of course, enjoy yourself but make sure you are getting water in at the same time! It will also help you keep energy levels up to have fun on vacation.

Run in the morning

As always, I find it easiest to get things done if I do them first thing. Get out for your run earlier in the morning and then you don’t have to worry about it the rest of the day!

What are your tips for training on vacation?