What I Use to Plan My Running Routes

I haven’t been much of a running route planner before with my half marathon training. But with marathon, I’m all about planning out my routes. Even down to my short four or five mile runs. I want a good idea of where I’m going on my run beforehand. It’s probably because I’m either running early in the morning or running long distances. Plus, it makes each run feel much more official.


What I’m using to map out my routes is MapMyRun. It’s the simplest website I’ve found for mapping out runs and since I already had a MyFitnessPal account, I didn’t need to create another account to log into. One new thing that I’ve done is download the app to my phone so I have my routes on hand while I’m running (just in case) and so I can screenshot and share my route with Mike so he knows where I’m running (because I’m rubbish with road names).

My routes are usually pretty similar (just adding on additional miles to a loop in the same area) but I can never remember how far certain markers are along my route. So planning a route ahead of time makes sure I’m not worrying about where I’m running when I get out there. I can just get out there and go!

You can see extra information about your route, like an elevation changes, after you save it but I care too much about that right now. Especially for my long runs, I’m running it in an area that has a good amount of elevation changes and I know that. Oh boy do I know it. But it would help if you are running in a new area (like if you are on vacation) and want an idea of what you’ll be doing.

Do you like to plan your running routes ahead of time or just make it up as you go?