August Faves

Can you believe another month is almost gone? And summer as well! Here’s some of my favorites from August.

Escape the Night

I first heard about Escape the Night on the Still Buffering podcasts and I’ve been working my way through the two seasons since then. It’s a Youtube Red Series that I can only describe as a reality escape room. It’s a little bit cheesy at times and I did get spooked at times but it was really entertaining. Plus, the behind the scenes were incredible.

Pressure Cooker

Using the pressure cooker to cook once a week has been incredible. It’s made life so much easier when I don’t have to pay as much attention to cooking dinner. Here’s some of the recipes we’ve made this month:

Hamilton Soundtrack

If I could put this on my favorites every month, it might just be. It was my recommend when I was on the Runner’s Girls Podcast earlier this week and my go-to workout music. It helps a ton that unlike a lot of musicals, you get the whole entire play (minus a couple of lines) with the soundtrack. If you hear someone trying to sing along while running in Minnesota, it might just be me!

What are some of your favorites from the past month?