Why (as a runner) I'm keeping a focus on my core

Over the last two months, I’ve been trying to get in at least one dedicated core workout (in addition to having core moves in my strength training). So, why is it important for me to work on my core and what am I doing during this workout?

Injury Prevention

Core strength is super important in stabilizing you entire body while you are running. It helps maintain a strong running form which helps you prevent injuries from sloppy form. Especially towards the end of a long run when you are extremely fatigued (which I’ve been feeling alot on my marathon training runs).

Improving Balance

Core stabilization at work again! I’m not the most graceful person but I can tell the difference core strength makes in recovering when I misstep on a run. I might stumble for a couple of steps but I’m not falling down and hurting myself any more.

Improving Running Efficiency

Along with helping stabilize your body to prevent injuries and improving balance, the extra stabilization from a strong core also improves running efficiency. Basically, it helps your run faster while using less energy because your aren’t flailing around or over-rotating while running.

What do I do for my core workout? I have a short, fifteen core workout that I do after one of my shorter runs. One of my favorite things about this workout that it takes no equipment so I can do it anywhere (if I need to).

Core Workout.png

I also wanted to share a couple of articles I read while working on this short post to read more about core workouts for runners:

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How do you work on your core?