Twin Cities Marathon Training Week 14

Monday, August 28

I wasn’t feeling too bad when I got up on Monday morning, which I was surprised about after my 20 mile run. But I knew that wasn’t going to last for long as I spent the day at work. So I made alternate plans for my cross-training after work. Instead of working at my apartment gym, I’d go to LA Fitness and use the bike for thirty minutes.

I also felt up to doing some bodyweight moves afterwards, although it was a little tough getting off the bike after sitting down for thirty minutes. Here’s what I did for my bodyweight workout (supersets as is my usual):

Superset 1:

Bodyweight Lunge 10x4

Air Bike 10x4

Superset 2:

Bodyweight Squat 10x4

Alternate Leg Bridge 10x4

Superset 3:

Bodyweight Side Lunge 10x4

Push Up 10x4

I can’t remember the last time I did a completely bodyweight workout and my legs and core were burning after it. It might have been partially due to the fact I ran 20 miles the day before but also because I was doing something new to my body. And it felt pretty neat that I could my body that hard without an extra weight.

Tuesday, August 29

5 miles~55:40~11:07 min/mile average pace

Back to a 5 a.m. run and I realized that the batteries I put in my headlamp probably were on their way to dying too. Guess I’ll be buying a new pack of batteries when I go grocery shopping. I still had some life left in the batteries which was better than nothing (especially since I came across two runners and a dog without any lights on them early on in my run).

It was a pretty strange run. I was feeling those 20 miles when I started out (probably also because I didn’t do my normal warm up before I started running) so my first mile was slow just to get my body going. Also, running at 5 a.m. without caffeine means I’m going to be slower starting out. Once I finished that first mile I felt better and thought “OK, I can pick up the pace a little without hurting”. And my second mile was 50 seconds faster (10:40 compared to 11:30). Luckily, I was able to slow down my pace to around my easy pace for the rest of the run.

I was feeling pretty tight after my run but thankfully past Jenny scheduled a massage for two days after her 20 mile run. I went into work for a couple of hours then headed out for an hour of work on my legs. And it felt amazing, but a little painful at times. My right leg overall gets more tight than the left and it wasn’t any different today. I think the best part was that Valerie really got into my glutes and worked on loosening up some tight spots there.

Getting back to work, I basically went home to work since the internet was down. Which was nice because it meant I’d get regular outside walks with Vinnie as I walked and I could get my core work in whenever I wanted to. Plus, as I was taking a little mental break on Instagram, I saw a post from Nuun Hydration about the #RunnersLoveYogaLEGS17 that was starting the next day. Basically, you get a new pose or sequence to work on each day from August 30-September 6. There are prizes involved if you do it every day and post a video or photo for the day. So I decided I’d jump in and try it out since it seemed like an easy way to get in daily yoga!

Wednesday, August 30

5 miles~54:04~10:47 min/mile average pace

I started off my day with the sequence for #RunnersLoveYogaLEGS17, which was a chair pose sequence. It felt really good to start out my day with some movement and I could really feel it in my legs, especially when I went onto my toes and sunk lower into chair pose.

Wednesday Run.jpg

Next up, another morning run! It was really interesting to feel how different it felt from yesterday’s run. For one, what felt easy was a lot faster. My average pace when down 20 seconds per mile and I didn’t feel like I had to work hard at that. It also didn’t feel soreness in my legs at all which was probably because I got a lot of the kinks worked out during my massage.

All in all, it was just an awesome run. I was excited to get out there and the weather is amazing. Seriously, this is the perfect running weather in Minnesota right now in the morning. Mid-50s, sunny and no wind. Now hopefully race day will be this beautiful!


Thursday, August 31

5 miles~54:48~10:56 min/mile average pace

I’ve been spoiled by my early morning runs. Running after work doesn’t feel as easy as morning runs. Even though I kept my average pace below an 11 minute mile, it didn’t feel as easy as during my morning runs (especially Wednesday morning). Being at work all day plus the mileage already on my legs made it tough to find my pace comfortably.

I did Day 2 of #RunnersLoveYogaLEGS17 when I got back, which build on the previous day’s flow by adding in revolved chair pose. And it felt amazing on my calves, my legs really need some stretching after my run. I also did a lot of foam rolling afterwards, including spending some time with the stick roller on my calves. Still no injuries yet so I’m not changing a thing in my training!

Friday, September 1

I’ve said it a couple of times already this past week but marathon training is just flying by! I couldn’t believe I was already switching the calendar to September and that I was 30 days out from Twin Cities.

One last short day at work for summer hours which is going to take getting used to being at work on Fridays until 4 p.m. Well, for the couple of Fridays I’ll be in the office for September and October. I’m taking off the last two Fridays in September for a wedding and then the marathon expo, then October is our honeymoon so I’ll be gone for two Fridays that month too!

Day 3 of #RunnersLoveYogaLEGS17 added on with a revolved lunge pose. I love doing twisting poses and it felt really good to do this flow in addition to my regular yoga. Plus, I found an app to speed up my yoga videos so I could have the entire flow practice on Instagram! If you aren’t already following me, you should at @Jennifer.L.Thiel. I’ve been getting more into using Instagram stories too which is really fun (because I did not get Snapchat at all).

Saturday, September 2

8 miles~1:26:07~10:44 min/mile average pace

Saturday Run.jpg

I slept in a lot this morning so I must have needed the extra rest. Usually, I’m by 6 a.m. at the latest on the weekend (if I’m not setting my alarm to get a run in) but I woke up at 7 a.m. It probably didn’t help that Vinnie had to go to the bathroom (and try to chase a rabbit) at 1:30 a.m. either.

I got a later start on my run than usual so there was more people on my route than normal. Plus, I run close to the state fairgrounds on Saturdays so people were heading over there (and I could smell the mini doughnuts). My plan for this run was to test out my playlist for Bear Water Run and try to keep to an 11 minute mile pace. That did not happen.

I ended up with a 10:44 average pace which felt easy! I can truly feel how marathon training is increasing my pace on shorter runs and what feels easy. I’m seriously considering an early spring half marathon (maybe Get in Gear again) and trying to break the 2 hour half mark.

Sunday, September 3

12 miles~2:09:30~10:47 min/mile average pace

Sunday Run.jpg

I was out the door at 6 a.m. for my long run, not unusual for me but I didn’t drive anywhere for my run. For one, I wanted to run part of the course along Summit since I hadn’t since last October. And another, we were going to the state fair so I wanted to get my run done as soon as possible! Of course, I did day 5 of #RunnersLoveYogaLEGS17 before I left on my run. That would not have been fun post-state fair.

My strategy for this run was the same as Saturday’s, listen to my Bear Water Run playlist and keep to an 11 minute pace. And once again, I was slightly faster than that 11 minute mile pace. It felt really good the whole way through, even on the way up Cathedral Hill which I have memories being horrible on my first TC 5K. Of course, with the 5K, it’s towards the beginning and you are still trying to weave through people.

Final stretch to the finish line for Twin Cities Marathon!

Final stretch to the finish line for Twin Cities Marathon!

After I foam rolled and got ready, we headed up to the State Fair! Since we are really close, MIke and I walked up there and back. I’ll be putting up a mini State Fair recap later this week but it’s fair to say we ate and drank our share of food. Once we got back, I rinsed off and napped for almost two hours (with Vinnie of course).

Now I’m back up to higher mileage this year for the last time before the taper begins plus I have the Bear Water Run 20 miler on Saturday!

How was your training for the last week?