Macro Cycling and Marathon Training

I’m less than two months out from Twin Cities Marathon now (59 days as of the date this post was published) and it’s time that I’ve upped my calories. I’ve talked in a previous post about this and how I was planning to up my calories to 2,500 across the board starting July 30. Well, I’ve been thinking more about it and decided to change the plan.

Now, I’m going to be changing up my macros throughout the week to mimic how my calorie burn goes up and down. This way, I’ll be getting in enough food after my longer runs (which happen in the mornings) but I won’t feel like I’m stuffing myself unnecessarily on days when I’m not doing as much. Here’s how the breakdown is going:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 2,300 calories (320c/120p/60f)

Wednesday and Saturday: 2,585 calories (360c/125p/65f)

Sunday: 2,950 calories (450c/130p/70f)

I mostly upped my carbs for the days I increased from what I was eating before since I’m noticing more that the extra carbs make me feel better while running. And, of course, on Sunday most of those carbs will be coming from Gus during my runs. But it will be a struggle to get those carbs in on Wednesday and Saturday when I’’m not consuming Gus.

This isn’t final of course. Especially when it come to Saturday and Sundays. According to my Polar watch, I burned about 3,300 calories this past Sunday when I ran 15 miles. And the majority of that is from my run. I don’t do much even in terms of walking Vinnie after my long runs and nap for about 3 hours each day.

Right now, I don’t want to go that high in calories because (A) I don’t know how true that calorie burn is and (B) I’m feeling good the rest of the day calorie-wise and not feeling hungry. If I do start feeling more hungry post-long run, I’ll add in more food Saturdays to see if that helps before trying shove in more food on Sundays.

I’ll probably do updated versions of my What I Eat in a Day posts for my long run and medium runs based on my new goals. I know the first versions were really interesting to people and maybe it would help out people with meal planning while marathon training. Because I know that’s been my biggest hurdle is getting in the food that my body needs.

Until then, I’ll be living in the pasta and rice aisle of the grocery store! ;)