September Running Plans

Well, summer is basically over now. It’s hard to believe it but summer (and marathon training) has been flying by. But the weather has been getting cooler and Labor Day is almost here. So, what are my plans for the last month of marathon training?

For one, it’s going to be a lot less mileage. I have one last 20 mile run (Bear Water Run on September 9) and then I start tapering. After how I went a little bit taper crazy during my half marathon taper, we’ll see how I do with that. Here’s my weekly mileage for the month:

September 4 -10: 43 miles

September 11-17: 32 miles

September 18-24: 24 miles

September 25-October 1 (race day!): 35.2 miles

I’m starting to work on prepping for the Bear Water Run (look for a post on that next week plus a race recap) which will roll right into prepping for the Twin Cities Marathon. That will be really helpful as a dress rehearsal for Twin Cities Marathon and making sure I’ve got everything I need. Hopefully it will help with race day nerves a little bit too.

What are your September running plans? Any tips to making it through the marathon taper?