What's in my gym bag?

My gym bag is my go-to for workouts. It doesn’t matter if I’m going for a run or doing weights at the gym, I keep a couple of things in my gym bag at all times.

  • Extra hair ties

I rarely have to use these but it would be my luck that if I didn’t have them, I’d have a need for them. I’m currently wearing my hair in a ponytail or bun most of the work week because it’s just easier to get ready quickly. Plus, I have to pull back my hair anyways when I workout so why not skip that step by doing it when I first get ready?

  • Sunscreen

I’ll admit, I’m horrible at putting on my sunscreen for my runs. It’s an extra step that I’m not really taking on my weekday runs and somehow I haven’t gotten burned yet. But it’s just a matter of time and I’m trying to take that time more often. So I keep a bottle of sunscreen in my gym bag so it reminds me to put it on when I’m getting ready.

  • Flip flops

Most of the times I just wear my flip flops in the shower after my Wednesday runs. But it’s nice to have them on hand if I want to switch into a different pair of shoes after my run or if I want to hit the sauna after a run. Plus, they are a cheap pair of $1 Old Navy flip flops that I got a couple of years ago so I don’t care if they get lost or broken.

  • Bluetooth headphones

I’ve talked about these before but I love my Jabra Sport Pace headphones. It’s amazing not to have a cord in my way while working out. I always make sure these are in my gym bag, along with their charging cord just in case I need to let them charge up a little. Just 10 minutes gives me an hour of use which is perfect for when I forget to fully charge them!

  • Face wipes

I almost always workout after work which means I have makeup on. So all it takes is a couple swipes of face wipes (I use the Up&Up brand ones from Target because they are priced right) and my makeup is gone. I’ve done workouts before with makeup on because I forgot to put a new pack of wipes in but it’s not the best for my skin. Which reminds me...I need to buy some more soon because I’m almost out.

  • Body Glide

Again, I’ve written about Body Glide recently but it’s always in my gym bag. And, something I recently found out, it doesn’t melt in the heat like deodorant does! (Somebody may have left her gym bag in the car during work when it was close to 90...the deodorant did not make it out) But Body Glide is my must have on any run now to prevent chafing since humidity + thick thighs do not work well together.

  • Heart rate monitor

I love my Polar M400 (see my review of it to learn more) and always keep my heart rate monitor strap in my bag so I have it on hand. Unless it’s drying post-workout because you’ve got to keep it clean and not full of sweat. I don’t notice it all during my runs and I love the extra data I get from having my heart rate with every workout.

  • Running hat

Summer in Minnesota can be unpredictable. So I’ve just gotten used to keeping my running hat in my gym bag just in case I need it. Whether it’s raining or super sunny, I’m set for whatever the weather brings. One downside to keeping it in my gym bag all the time is that it hasn’t gotten washed in a while...that will get fixed with this next load of laundry.

What do you keep in your gym bag?