Twin Cities Marathon Training Week 15

Monday, September 5

I wasn’t too sure about how Monday’s workout was going to go after the walking, eating and drinking I did at the state fair the day before. Since I had the day off for Labor Day (wooo three day weekend!) I was able to get my weights workout done at LA Fitness and get a visit in for the month.

Surprisingly, I felt really good during my weights workout. The elliptical warmup...that was not great feeling at all. But everything just fell into place once I got down to the weights area and started my routine. So it was a great way to start out the week before a race!

I was planning on doing some housework after my workout but once I got home I just wanted to relax for the rest of the day. I did manage to get Vinnie on a walk and clean the bathroom before working out at 8 a.m. so I figured that was a good start to the day. Mike and I spend the rest of the day relaxing, including watching a couple of episodes of The Haidmaid’s Tale which is so good. I’ve put the book on hold at the library but I’m #96 in line for 15 copies.

Tuesday, September 6

5 miles ~ 52:56 ~ 10:32 min/mile average pace

A 5 a.m. run once again and it felt really good (as you can tell my average pace). Nice and cool this week again with morning temperatures in the 50s which feels amazing! Of course, the downside of it getting cooler is that it’s also darker longer in the mornings. I had to have my headlamp on this entire run since dawn isn’t starting until after 6 a.m.

I worked from home in the afternoon since we thought Vinnie might be having some stomach problems (he’s all fine now and nothing major happened) so I got in a lot of walks with him as mini breaks. It also gave me a chance to do Day 7 of #RunnersLoveYogaLEGS17 a little earlier in the day. It was a difficult balancing pose today so I just did the prep position for it in my flow which still felt great. It also gave me the time to do some extra foam rolling since I didn’t get a chance to do that in the morning.


Wednesday, September 7

8 miles ~ 1:26:24 ~ 10:47 min/mile average pace

I’m just really loving this fall weather, it’s just perfect for running (and being outside in general without sweating or freezing to death). It’s also feeling less strange that I’m less than a month away from my first marathon with the weather being more and more like race day. Plus, I’m getting really excited for a sub-five hour marathon since that’s feeling more and more possible!

I had another great run this morning, without the headlamp this time since I set out a little bit after 6 a.m. I noticed when I was getting ready to leave that I was almost done with the final book in the Outlander series and was hoping that I would make it through my run before it finished. I did, just barely! I was finished up the Author’s Notes section while on my drive to the gym. And now I have to wait a little bit to get another audiobook, I have the new novel from Paula Hawkins (who wrote The Girl on the Train) and Carrie Fisher’s biography both on hold as audiobooks. Until then, I’ll be listening to podcasts or music!

And I finished off the last day of #RunnersLoveYogaLEGS17. The flow ended with pigeon pose, which is one of my favorite yoga poses as a runner. It’s such a great hip opening pose and feels really good. I’m hoping another challenge comes up soon so that I can join in since it was really fun!

Thursday, September 7

5 miles ~ 52:10 ~ 10:23 min/mile average pace

Thursday Run.jpg

Once again, I was going out for a 5 a.m. run. Mike had a happy hour after work that he wanted to go to so he offered to take Vinnie on his morning walk so I could run then. When I got up and started walking, I started thinking about if I wanted to just run after work instead. It was chilly out (not even 50°) and I hadn’t slept well that night (I’d woken up at about 3 a.m. and I’m not sure if I actually fell back to sleep). I was still waffling on getting out to run when Mike got up but I finally decided to get out there and run.

And I’m glad I did! I was a little bit cranky at first but as I warmed up in the first mile, my mood got better. And it was another great feeling, fast paced run. I felt like I pushed myself a little bit during this run so hopefully that doesn’t come back to bite me in the butt.

Plus, I got a little testing of what I’ll wear on marathon race day. I wore a t-shirt and shorts during this run and was comfortable during the five miles. I’m pretty sure now (unless it gets crazy cold) that I’ll be wearing a tanktop and shorts during the marathon. It will be pretty chilly at first (but that’s what throwaway layers are for) but I can tell I’ll be warming up as the miles go on. Plus, the sun should come out at some point during the marathon which will help keep me comfortable.

Friday, September 8

I was feeling pretty sore on Friday so I was glad it was a rest day which meant yoga! I also had packet pickup for Bear Water Run so I wanted to get my yoga in before getting my packet. Normally, I would take a half day at work to get my packet but this time it was only from 6-9 p.m. (plus before the race but I like to get there completely prepared).

After I got home from packet pickup, I had a snack and watched some MasterChef with Mike. I was feeling pretty tired so we went to bed a little bit before 9 (also because I was getting up at 4:30 for the race and sometimes I don’t sleep great before a race).


Saturday, September 9

Bear Water Run
20 miles ~ 3:43:07 ~ 11:10 min/mile average pace

I had a full recap of the race up yesterday but the brief recap is that I had an awesome race! I did start out too fast in the beginning (sub 11-minute miles for the first 13) which meant I went slower those last 7 miles. I also had a minute of my watch being paused (forgot that auto-pause was on) while I was in a port-a-potty so my watch and official race time are different. But I’m still super proud with that 11:10 average pace (plus only one stop!) and ready for the marathon.

Sunday, September 10

5 miles ~ 1:00:17 ~ 12:02 min/mile average pace

Sunday Run.jpg

Since I had moved my usual long run to Saturday so I could do the race, I had five pace miles on the schedule for Sunday. I knew there was no way it was going to be a pace run so I just decided to get out there and go at whatever pace I could for however far.

I ended up going the full five miles and it felt really good just to get my legs moving and the blood flowing through them. It felt even better to foam roll right afterwards and I felt like I had a ton of energy.

That didn’t last for long. By the time I got back from grocery shopping, got in an epsom salt bath and shower, I was exhausted. Luckily Mike offered to cook me lunch and then I went and curled up with Vinnie for a nap.

My body is ready for tapering to start now! I’m switching up my week a little bit since I have a massage scheduled after work on Monday. I’ll be having my rest day on Monday (probably not doing yoga but we’ll see how I feel after the massage) and doing my strength training on Friday. My weekday runs are five, six and five miles, with a four mile pace run on Saturday and a twelve mile run on Sunday. Still 32 miles for the week but I’m going to focus on going slow on those weekday runs and getting in enough foam rolling and stretching.

How was your last week of training?