How I'm working on my pacing with less than three weeks to Twin Cities Marathon

As you could tell from my 20 mile race last Saturday, I’ve still got some work to do on my pacing. Not only did I go out too fast, my mile splits were kind of all over the place. So, with less than three weeks left until Twin Cities Marathon, here’s how I’m planning on working on my pacing.

  • Running Watch

As I mentioned in my post about preparations for Bear Water Run, I have finally figured out what training view works best for pacing myself. I can see my current mile split’s average pace, along with distance and total time. For me, it’s important to see my average pace for the current mile instead of my average pace for the entire run. I can more easily adjust in a mile than by having a too fast mile affect following miles. And since I know what pace I’m aiming for each mile to keep even pacing, I only have to remember that number. I also have the distance and time on there so if I decide to grab a pace band, I can match up my current distance and time with it easily.

  • Final Pace Run

I have one last pace run coming up this Saturday, four miles. One final pace run. I still can’t believe that’s coming up. Even though I’m not planning on running my marathon at the marathon pace I’ve been training at (10:30 minutes/mile), I’ll still run my pace run at a 10:30 pace. More about my pace strategy for the marathon will be coming up but I still want to test myself at pacing 10:30 minute miles. Especially since when I know I’m going to run fast, I usually go out too fast. So this will be a test of going out slower while still keeping even pacing.

  • Long Run Pacing

In addition to the last pace run, I have two long runs left. Twelve and eight miles. My goal for these long runs are to keep them around 11-11:15 mile splits and again make sure I don’t go out too fast. This will be about 10-30 seconds slower than what I’m planning to run for the marathon so I’ll also be getting a feel for that pace.

  • Easy Run Pacing

Ten more easy runs left and these ones I won’t be checking my watch constantly for the pacing. I’ll look at my mile splits and I want it to be around 11-11:15 mile splits but I’m not going to stress myself out over them by constantly checking my watch. I’m treating these easy runs as being easy and not as something else to stress over. Hopefully. We know from my tapering for Lake Minnetonka Half that I can get a little anxious and blue while I’m cutting back on my mileage. So I just want these to be slow and getting my legs moving.

Thirteen runs left all together and I’m hoping to only pay attention to my pacing on three of them. My pacing for this training cycle has bene all over the place but it’s been the first time I’ve really paid attention to it. And it’s helped it get better and I feel more confident in my pacing that I have in the past.