Why (as a runner) I'm loving massages

I’ve been getting massages regularly since February and I love it! (Well, getting massages from a massage therapist, Mike has been giving me post-run massages for a while) It’s the biggest chunk of money I’m spending as part of my training and the best way I could spend that money. So, why do I love my massages?

  • It’s helped tight spots that I couldn’t loosen on my own. I went in first because my feet were cramping so much and my calves were really tight (which I found out were connected). Now I rarely get random foot cramps when before it was a nightly occurrence because Valerie is able to get into my muscles in a way I can’t on my own.

  • I’ve learned how to prevent tight spots between sessions. Not only does Valerie work on loosening up tight spots, she lets me know how I can help prevent them. This was really helpful with my tight calves because they wouldn’t have gotten better without me doing extra work on them.

  • I’m feeling less sore after my runs, not surprisingly. With adding in massage and (most of the time) foam rolling after every run, my body is recovering faster and better. Even after my 20 mile runs, I have better range of motion that I would have thought the next day.

  • It’s super relaxing! Right now between marathon training, work and life, I don’t get as much time just to relax and not have to think about anything. So that hour for the massage is amazing. I’m not on my phone, I’m not having to think about anything. I can just lie there, listen to the music and talk with Valerie. I come out feeling so much more relaxed and calm feeling.

Do you get regular massages?