September Faves

Another month is almost gone and summer is also coming to a close in Minnesota! This month’s favorites is coming a week early since next week is devoted to all things Twin Cities Marathon.


Mike introduced to me to the McElroy boys when we first started dating and I’ve fallen in love with most of their podcasts since then! But the podcast I wanted to share this month is Wonderful with Griffin and Rachel McElroy. Every single week, they talk about things they are passionate about, big and small. It’s just a lovely mid-week podcast. I could listen to Griffin and Rachel talk about anything because they are an adorable couple.  

Fall Colors

Even though it’s been hot and humid in Minnesota, fall is coming! My favorite part of fall is the changing leaves. Everywhere you go, the trees are starting to turn and it’s just gorgeous. And it should be peak fall colors for Twin Cities Marathon and that will be make the course even more wonderful as I’m running.

Sweet Potato Noodles

I’ve been doing a lot of spiralized potatoes with my eggs but lately I’ve made the switch to sweet potatoes. I love the slightly sweeter taste (especially if I cook it in coconut oil). Iit also makes a great trade for rice when I want a side dish and I get some more vegetables in for the day.

Iced Coffee

Even though it’s basically fall, I’m falling in love with iced coffee. Since I’ve been bringing my breakfast with me to work when I run at 5 a.m., I’ve been taking iced coffee with me as well. Recently, it’s been pumpkin coffee because #PumpkinEverything but it’s a nice change from hot coffee. Plus, our coffee maker has the feature so I might as well use it!

What are some of your September faves?