What's on my playlist for Twin Cities Marathon?

Well, putting together a playlist for the Twin Cities Marathon was quite a challenge. For one, I wanted to get around 5 hours and 15 minutes worth of music queued up. That itself was quite a feat as I realized I’m kind of picky when it comes to running music. It’s probably a good thing that I don’t regularly listen to music on my runs because I’d get pretty sick of hearing the same songs over and over again (unless it’s Hamilton, I can never get sick of Hamilton).

I also had a couple of sections of the course I wanted specific music for: when I’ll first see Mike along the course, the slow climb up Mississippi River Road and then when I’ll see my parents and in-laws along Summit. So I had to place that music at a specific time in the 5+ hour playlist (at about 1:05 and then 3:36-4:10).

What I did was listen to random stations on Google Music and ask for suggestions from friends and family. I added songs to one playlist on Google Music until it was right around that 5 hours and 15 minute point. Then, I created a second playlist (that I’ll download so I’m not streaming music) that is my final version. I went through the first playlist, adding songs and rearranging them until I reached close to that 1:05 mark. I added in my songs to play along the mark I’ll first see Mike, then repeated until I got to the 3:36 mark. Added in my music for the slow climb and then seeing my parents and in-laws (conveniently those events happen close to each other) and then finished off the rest of the songs.

So, what’s on my playlist for those special segments?

Seeing Mike (Mile 6)

  • All I Want is You by Barry Louis Polisar (our first dance song)

  • I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by the Proclaimers (we are huge Doctor Who fans and this song always makes me think of the Doctor Who cast and crew version)

  • Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield

Slow Climb up Mississippi River Road

  • Castle by Halsey

  • Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

  • Remember the Name by Fort Minor

  • Stronger by Kayne West

Seeing my Parents/In Laws (Aka the Mamma Mia Section)

  • Dancing Queen from the Mamma Mia movie soundtrack

  • Super Trouper from the Mamma Mia movie soundtrack

  • Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! from the Mamma Mia movie soundtrack

Of course, I have a lot of songs from Hamilton and the Hamilton Mixtape on my playlist as well. I love running to all the songs but I picked out my favorites for my marathon playlist.

  • Right Hand Man - The Hamilton Soundtrack

  • The Schuyler Sisters - The Hamilton Soundtrack

  • Guns and Ships - The Hamilton Soundtrack

  • Cabinet Battle #1 - The Hamilton Soundtrack

  • Cabinet Battle #2 - The Hamilton Soundtrack

  • Cabinet Battle #3 (Demo) - The Hamilton Mixtapes Vol. 1

  • Immigrants - The Hamilton Mixtapes Vol. 1

  • Congratulations - The Hamilton Mixtapes Vol. 1

  • The Room Where it Happens - The Hamilton Soundtrack

  • The Adams Administration - The Hamilton Soundtrack

  • Satisfied - The Hamilton Mixtapes Vol. 1

As always, I have my playlist public on Google Music so feel free to give it and listen!