What's in my bag for the Twin Cities Marathon

We are now three days away from Twin Cities Marathon. In 72 hours (almost exactly from when this post was published), I will be starting out on the course. Heading away from U.S. Bank stadium (which will always be the Metrodome to me) in Minneapolis and towards the state capitol in Saint Paul. My biggest race yet.

And since it’s my biggest race yet, I’m thinking a lot more about what I’ll be wearing and bringing along for the race. Especially since we won’t be ending up at our apartment after the race so I need to pack clothes for after the race too. So, what am I going to be bringing along?

During Race


My plan is to wear my “Will Run for Peanut Butter” tank and shorts for the race. The forecast for the day of has been all over the place but it’s looking like it will be in the high 50s at the start and the high temperature will be close to 70. So, there’s no way I’d be wearing anything else than shorts and a tank. And I feel like my “Will Run for Peanut Butter” tank has some good luck in it. It’s the same one I wore for my PR at the Lake Minnetonka Half.

Over my running clothes, I’ll a zipup fleece and the foil wrap I got at the end of last year’s 10 miler. Both which are easy enough to take off and toss to the side when I don’t need them anymore. The foil wrap will help keep my legs warm before the race starts but I’ll probably toss it to the side once they start moving my corral towards the start. I’ll probably keep the fleece on for the first mile or two, depending on the weather. It will be really easy to get off while running without tearing off my bib or knocking my headphones out so it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

I’m undecided on whether I’ll wear my hat or just go with a headband to keep stray hairs out of my eyes. I probably won’t know for sure until the day of and I get a look at the hourly forecast. My plan is that I’ll wear my hat if there’s going to be rain during the race or if it’s going to be mostly sunny. Otherwise, I’ll wear a headband. If I didn’t need to have prescription lenses, I’d probably bring along sunglasses too but I don’t want to worry about breaking either pair of my prescription glasses.

I’ll also be wearing my pink Flipbelt with the zippered pocket. I found that one worked really well to keep my gels and salt tablets in since I could zip them up and not worry about them falling out mid-run. I just have to be careful when grabbing something out.


And I’ll also have my Polar M400 watch, my phone (with my playlist already downloaded on it) and my bluetooth headphones. I don’t think I’d want to run to a marathon without any of these things. Saturday will be all about making sure everything is fully charged and ready to go!


I’m going to keep it nice and simple for what’s in my post-race bag. I don’t want to be worried that I’ll be missing something packing it up and we are going to be pretty close to home if I do need something major. Most of my stuff will be at Mike's parents house but I'm going to make sure Mike has my ID and ticket for my post-race beer and through a pair of slip on shoes into the car so I can switch out of my running shoes.

I’m planning on wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt post-race, along with my compression socks. It going to be all about comfort afterwards since I’m going to be exhausted. I’ll also throw in both my roller stick and travel foam roller, there won’t be a ton of room at my in-laws to foam roll but I should be able to get enough space.

Otherwise, I’ve just got to pack what I’d need to shower. Which sometimes is a struggle in itself to remember everything. I’ve gotten better since I’ve been bringing shower stuff to the gym once a week but a tapering mind can do crazy things. Hopefully I remember what I need!

What are your race bag essentials?