Minnesota State Fair Highlights

Mike and I have gone to the state fair every year since we started dating, it’s our end of summer tradition. So I thought I’d give some highlights of our state fair trip this year.

Ever since we moved into our current apartment, we walk up to the State Fair since it’s about a 30 minute walk. There is a shuttle right next to our apartment on the weekends but it’s usually faster just to walk instead of waiting around for the bus. Of course, on the way there and back we shake our heads at the people who are willing to sit in traffic and pay $15 for parking right next to the fairgrounds when there are tons of free shuttle buses around the Cities.

Our first stop this year was at the Agricultural Building and the MInnesota Craft Brewer’s Guild….at 10 a.m. to get our beer flights. I got the fruit, spicy, tart and funky  flight which was right up my alley! Mike declared that the Shanberry from Wayzata Brew Works was basically just a strawberry drink but I really enjoyed it. I think my favorite was Cromulence from Fair State Brewing Cooperative, very tart and sour which I’m really loving in my beer right now.

Next, we met up with MIke’s dad and sister at the Miracle of Birth Center because who doesn’t love baby animals? It’s one of the two animal stops Mike and I make (along with the Pet Center, where we picked up some dog treats for Vinnie) because Mike’s allergies tend to get really bad form the hay and fur. But, I got my share of baby animal viewing on including a couple of calves that had been born the night before.

We also went and saw the Lumberjacks show which was pretty interesting although I just wanted to jump in the water because it was hot sitting out there. It was close to 90° outside and there was no shade at this show but luckily there was a nice breeze every once in awhile. It was pretty awesome seeing what these men and women could do, especially the log running and rolling!


We also ate a bunch of food at the fair (becauses what else do you do)! Mike had the eggroll on a stick, new this year, which was really good. I’m hoping they come back because we’d get one again. I also had something new to me, a deep fried cheesecake (cheesecake wrapped in dough and deep fried) which was really good. The cheesecake itself was nice and creamy and the dough had a good texture. The only downside was the booth didn’t have great forks and I was afraid I was going to break it grabbing a piece. And of course, I got my usual red velvet funnel cake (Mike helped me finish off this one)!


I tried a couple of new beers too that were state fair exclusives. First was the Sociable Cider Werks Raspberry Hard Cider which was really good, although had one single raspberry floating in it. I wish they had served it with more raspberries like they did with a blueberry beer that was being served. Later on, before we left, I had the Bent Brewstillery Hungarian Cherry Wheat Ale which was my favorite beer of the day. I love anything cherry flavored and this was the perfect beer on a hot day.

After almost five hours of eating, drinking and walking, MIke and I decided to call it a day and head back home. I had a two hour nap to recuperate from my 12 mile run and the fair but MIke just played video games. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel too horrible after all the deep fried foods and beer but legs were shot when we went to bed that night. Not surprisingly with all the runnig and walking I did that day!