Pizza: My Favorite Post-Race Meal

Since I’ll be out running the Bear Water Run 20 miler when this post goes up, I thought I’d talk about one of my favorite post-race meals. Pizza. There’s nothing better after I’ve rested from a tough race than digging into a nice slice of pizza (or two, or three).


Why do I love pizza so much? It’s the perfect way to get in a combination of carbs, fat and proteins that always tastes delicious.Plus, you can make it pretty healthy too! I love a good whole wheat crust with vegetables and chicken. It’s basically a handheld version of pasta that you can customize to whatever you feel like. And it goes great with both wine and beer!

What are my favorite toppings for pizza? Well for sauce I love garlic or pesto sauce (although Mike made a red sauce for my post-race dinner tonight and the taste test was delicious). For cheese, I’m a mozzarella fan with drops of ricotta and parmesan mixed in. For meat, I’m almost strictly chicken (although I won’t turn down some bacon or pepperoni).

And then there’s vegetables. I love having vegetables on my pizza (or mixed into almost any dish). I love the extra flavor and texture from vegetables. Not to mention they make me feel extra healthy while I’m eating my slice. Unless it’s a green pepper, jalapenos or huge chunks of tomatoes, I’d probably be up for any vegetables on my pizza.

What is your favorite pizza combination?