October Goals

As my pace is picking up and I’m paying more attention to my training, I wanted to start setting some goals for each month. I’m feeling like it will help me stay on track with my running and have something to push towards throughout the month. Plus, once we get into the winter months when it’s cold and dark, setting some goals will help me get out there when it’s less than ideal conditions.

For October, I’m going to keep it nice and easy with my goals. I do want to keep up up with running at a faster easy pace but I want to make sure I don’t injure myself. So that’s what my goals are a combination of pace and cross-training (plus some self-care).

  • Run my easy runs at a 10-10:30 pace (long runs being closer to the 10:30 pace)

  • Get in two core training sessions a week

  • Foam roll after every workout (including cross-training days)

  • Sleep in on the weekends (now that I don’t have to worry about it getting super hot for my runs)

  • Continue my nightly meditation practice

What are you goals for October? Share them in the comments!

October 2018 Goals  Pinterest.jpg