Cutting Month Three Results

I debated even writing this up after stepping on the scale this morning. Because I stepped on the scale and was the same exact body weight I was on December 1st. But as I thought about it more, that’s a huge accomplishment. I gained no weight over the holidays and was able to enjoy time with family without stress.

October 1

January 1
Weight (lbs)

Body fat (%)

Waist (inches)

Hips (inches)

Thighs (inches)

Forearms (inches)


And, looking over my weekly averages, I’m probably in the 133 lb range. This past week was crazy with holiday celebrations (both Christmas and New Years) so I was more lax than normal on what I ate. Still tracked what I put in my mouth but I was my calories more often than not. But I enjoyed some delicious food and time with family because of it!

I feel great going into marathon training because of this short cutting cycle. My runs have gotten faster since Twin Cities Marathon (with a 10:47 average pace for my October runs and a 10:27 average pace for my December runs) so I”m feeling so much confident about getting that 4:45 marathon time. Hills are feeling much easier on my runs (or at least they were before I got stuck on the treadmill with these sub-zero highs) which is going to help with the Eau Claire Marathon.

Plus, I feel like I’m in a much better place with food, l know how much better my body feels when I pile on the vegetables. So I’ll be bringing that into Eau Claire Marathon training and trying to get my carbs in more via vegetables than rice or pasta. But I am glad to be able to get in that food more often during training and be just a little bit more flexible with my choices.

So now, I'll be focusing on maintaining weight while supporting my needs while running. I'm going to increase calories more slowly than I did for Twin Cities Marathon, starting off training with 2,000 versus 2,300 calories, mainly because I'm going from this cutting phase into marathon training. I know my body and adding in 700 calories overnight will make me feel miserable and bloated. But slowly getting up there, especially as my activity level increases, will be much better for how I"m feeling physically and mentally.