Why I enjoy being a running introvert

You might have noticed a pattern in my running. Unless it’s a race, I rarely run with someone else. In fact, in the last year, I think the only times I ran with someone else not in a race was when Mike joined me on a bike. Unless you count being on the treadmill at the gym as running with someone else.

And I actually enjoy running solo. (But if Mike is reading this, he’s always welcome to join me.) I’ve thought about meeting up with a local running group a couple of times but never pulled the trigger because of how much I enjoy my solo runs. I’m a running introvert for sure and here are some of the reasons I love running solo.

  • It gives me solo thinking time (especially during the work week). My brain sometimes feels like it’s going a million miles a minute at work so I especially enjoy my post-work runs. I don’t have to think about anything and can just let my mind go blank. (That’s also why I’ve been enjoying my morning meditation times).

  • I get to catch up podcasts and audiobooks. I’m still trying to play catch up on podcasts from getting behind over the Christmas break (since I normally listen to podcasts during the work day) so my runs are extra time I get to listen to them. Or, if I ever get caught up, I can download an audiobook and work on the my 12 books in 2018 goal.

  • I can go my own pace. I’m not super speedy and am trying to keep my runs around an 11 minute mile pace. And it’s easier to just go my own pace than trying to be part of a group. (Although I do love running with a pace group in races!)

  • I can make my own schedule. I have a “let’s get going” mentality when it comes to my running, I want to get started as soon as I can. Which means about 7 or 8 a.m. on the weekends and as soon as I get out of work Monday through Friday. And that doesn’t really fit in as nicely with the running groups around here.

Do you run with a group or go at it solo? Let me know in the comments!