New Year, Same Me

As I’ve said before, my theme of 2018 is consistency. I’m not trying to reinvent or make a major change in my life but trying to keep on with my previous habits. So here are five of the habits from previous years I’m keeping in 2018!

Running Routes

Last year, I tried out some new running routes and found some new favorites. So I’m going to continue running those routes especially for my marathon long runs. It’s so helpful to have specific routes that I know how far I have to go to reach X miles via a landmark rather than having to pay attention to my watch.

Plus, it will be fun to run my summer routes in the winter and have a completely different view!


I say the term podwalk on another blog and I totally love it! I listen to a ton of podcasts and my favorite ways to unwind is a nice walk while catching up on my feed. Right now, because it’s so cold outside, most of my podwalks are dog  walks with Vinnie. But I’m looking forward to it getting warmer outside so I can take an afternoon podwalk at work.


I really enjoyed incorporating yoga into my marathon training last year and I’m continuing it this year. It’s an awesome way to get in some activity on my rest day and it helps a ton with soreness. I’m branching out and trying some new videos so let me know your favorites!

Foam Rolling

Almost daily foam rolling made a huge difference in my 2017 training. I could tell the difference in how sore I felt during training once I got a couple weeks of regular rolling in! Even though I got off the foam rolling train post-marathon, I’ve been really good at doing it now that I’m back at marathon training.

Making Lunch at Home

I love having leftovers for lunch. Maybe I’m strange but it's so nice to just be able to grab and heat up at lunch instead of trying to go out and find food. Plus, we have always have a big variety of food in the fridge so it’s easy to mix it up everyday.

What are some habits you’re continuing in 2018? Let me know in the comments!