Top Five Running Mistakes I Make

I just Googled “mistakes runners make” and got 7.3 million results in 0.64 seconds. There’s are a lot of mistakes we can make as runners and I’m probably making a lot of them too! So today, I’m sharing the top five mistakes I’m currently making and how I’m working to improve them.

#5 Going too hard on easy runs

My easy run pace is targeted at 11 minute miles and my long runs should be closer to 11:30 minute miles (which is 30 and 60 seconds slower than my marathon pace). But, if you’ve read last week’s recap of marathon training, I’m having problems with it.

My fix: Slow it down! Even though I can hold a 10:30 pace for miles, I shouldn’t be doing it unless it’s a pace run. So I need to really slow down, even though it feels like I’m going slower than a turtle.

#4 Starting too fast

Going along with #5, not only am I going too hard but I start out too fast and feel the need to keep up that pace for the entire run!

My fix: I need to run with my head. Just because I’m feeling awesome doesn’t mean I should be running all out from the start. Especially when it comes to race day.

#3 Constantly watching my watch

There are times where I’m constantly looking at my watch to see how far I’ve gone, how far I have left to go or how fast I’m going. And it really takes me out of my run while I”m doing it.

My fix: Cover up the watch! This is a lot easier right now since (unless I’m stuck on the treadmill) my watch is under a couple of layers. I can still hear my mile splits beeps but it’s just too much work to uncover it just to check on my watch. The plan is just to leave it covered unless I’m doing a pace run to avoid the temptation of watching it too closely. Although I’ll need a new plan for when it’s warmer outside….

#2 Sabotaging myself

Even though I’ve been through one marathon training cycle (and multiple half marathon cycles), I still pre-race (or even pre-run) nerves. Especially now that I’m training for a marathon in the winter. I get all worked up in my own head.

My fix: Working on relaxation and visualization techniques. I’m already working on daily meditation to help me relax and I feel like it’s slowly helping out. I’m also planning on re-listening to “How Bad Do You Want It” because I found that to be really empowering for visualization techniques.

#1 Not warming up pre-run

Lots of time, I’m changing straight into my running clothes and going straight out for a run. Not the best, especially when it’s below freezing outside and I’ve been sitting at a desk all day long.

My fix: Getting back into doing dynamic warm ups pre-run! Even though it’s cold outside, I’m inside before heading out to run and that’s the perfect opportunity to do some dynamic warm ups. So I’m getting back into doing leg swings, lunges, squats and high knees before heading out for a run!

What running mistakes do you make? Let me know in the comments so I don’t feel so alone!