Training Tip Tuesday #3

For this week’s Training Tip Tuesday, I’m bringing up foam rolling (again). I’ve written in the past about why I love foam rolling and my foam rolling routine. But, as I keep on saying, I fell off of regular foam rolling post-Twin Cities Marathon and I’ve been struggling to get back on.

I’m just starting week three of marathon training but I can tell the difference between week three of Twin Cities Marathon training and now. Before, I’d been regularly foam rolling and now I’m feeling a lot more tightness in my quads and hamstrings. Places that I don’t normally get as sore in.

Now I’m just trying to play catch up and treat my body right. Hopefully my body will start responding to regular foam rolling soon so it recovers faster post-run.

Is there a routine you’ve fallen off of that you’re trying to get back into? Let me know in the comments below so we can support each other!