Training Tip Tuesday #1

I’m officially one day into Eau Claire Marathon training and with it I’m starting a new series called “Training Tip Tuesday”! Every Tuesday, I hope to bring a quick tip from my marathon training.

And this week, my tip is get used to the treadmill. We’re still at sub-zero temperatures this morning so I’m doing my first run of marathon training on the treadmill. And I did so many treadmill runs in December between work travel and sub-zero highs. So I’m just getting used to being on it (and looking forward to slightly warmer weather the rest of this week).

Of course, I do have another post on additional tips for treadmill running but today I have two Netflix recommends for your treadmill running!

  • The Crown: Seriously, this show is gorgeous and amazing. It’s currently in season two and is based on Queen Elizabeth II’s life starting from her marriage to Philip in 1947. Plus, if you like listening to recap podcasts, The History Chicks started a recap show called The Recappery that you should check out.

  • Alias Grace: I didn’t even get a chance to watch this on the treadmill because I devoured it over two days on Christmas break. It’s a six episode mini-series based on Margaret Atwood’s novel about Grace Marks, a maid convicted of murdering her employer and suspected of also murdering his housekeeper. I loved The Handmaid's Tale and if you did too, I’m sure you’ll love Alias Grace.