New Training Cycle, New Pace Run Music

After listening exclusively to either the Hamilton soundtrack or Hamilton Mixtape for all of my speed and pacework in 2017, I’ve made a new playlist for my pace runs. Almost two hours of music to push me (hopefully) to a 10:30 pace for anywhere from six to ten miles.

Yup, pace runs are going double digits this training cycle!

I felt like it was the perfect time to create a playlist for all my pace runs (I’ll have two Saturday pace runs followed by a Saturday easy run) so I can just hit play and go without worrying too much about my music. Outside of races, speed and pacework is the only time I listen to music while running. I didn’t want to rely on a playlist station (and having to be switching when a slower paced song comes on) but I also didn’t want to take up time every week creating a playlist.

So, in no particular order since I’ll be pressing shuffle, here’s my one and done playlist for speedwork! It’s a mix of some Hamilton, some music from past race playlists and some new finds.