Eau Claire Marathon Training Week Three

Week three of marathon training was a slight cutback week. I added on mileage to my Wednesday and Saturday runs but had a single digit long run. Plus the weather was gorgeous in Minnesota and I was running without hats or gloves on the weekend (after another treadmill run early in the week).

Monday, January 15

I’m pretty sure I’ll be re-doing my strength training to accommodate for how sore my legs feel after my long runs. Last week, I thought my legs were just really sore because I did an aerials class but I had the same problem this week. Of course, I did do my long run way too fast but the mileage only goes up from here.

Everything else is feeling great with weights besides the Bulgarian split squats so I just have to find a substitute for those. But I’m glad that even though I’m doing high reps than my last marathon training, everything else is feeling pretty good. I’ll probably swap out regular squats for the split squats and see how that feels.

Other than my problems with the split squats (I felt like death after them) the rest of my workout went great. But I was ready to crash by about 8:30 p.m. I went to bed and read for a little bit (working my way through book #2 for the year) but that made me even more tired. Guess I should just start preparing to be extra tired once it hits 8 p.m. but at least I’ve been sleeping all the way through the night!

Tuesday, January 16

3 miles ~ 33:11 ~ 11:00 min/mile

We had one last cold day (as in below zero with the windchill) so I was on the treadmill once again. It wasn’t too bad outside so if I had really wanted to I could have bundled up but I was fine not getting all those layers on. But I’m excited to get back outside so I can figure out my pacing when I’m not on the treadmill.

After my run (in which I nailed my pacing!), I did an eight minute core workout and then did day 1 of the new Runners Love Yoga challenge, #RLYglow! I’ve done one other challenge over the summer and I loved it. It’s an eight day challenge, with each day’s pose building on from the last. This challenge is full of backbends and twists so I’m sure it will feel amazing. The first days pose was bridge pose which was especially nice post-run since it stretched out my quads.

Wednesday, January 17

6 miles ~ 1:04:32 ~ 10:44 min/mile

The weather is getting crazy gorgeous here in St. Paul...well at least compared to the sub-zero temps we’ve been getting. It’s warming up and the sun is finally coming out so I was so excited to get out for my mid-week run along the weather.

I’m still working on pacing, which I feel like I have down pretty good on the treadmill but I have to translate it to the road. I was at race pace for the first two miles, close to my easy pace for the next three and somehow sped up to race pace for my final mile. It just feels like I’m going so slow when I go at my easy pace but I know it’s good for me. It’s going to give me that base of mileage to go at race pace for 26.2 miles.

When I got back home, I complete day 2 of #RLYGlow which added on a revolved boat pose to the flow. Which was a good test of my balance as I struggled to stay in point pose and turn, I think Vinnie was pretty interested in it! I also did my foam rolling which felt amazing after tackling some elevation changes on my run.

Thursday, January 18

3 miles ~ 32:33 ~ 10:48 min/mile

Another gorgeous day for running in Minnesota. It had been sunny most of the day and it was almost 40 degrees when I got home for my run. Close enough that I’ll call it 40. Which also meant that I spent a lot of my run dodging puddles on the sidewalk (especially in front of one apartment building that NEVERS shovels the sidewalk that goes across their property).

If I was giving out gold stars for runs (is that a thing that people do?), this run would get one for sure! I didn’t go out fast and I kept even mile splits. Two goals checked off for what I’d like all my easy runs to be like! Not too much elevation loss or gain on this run since I was running around my apartment but most of my runs will be along the river where there is plenty of elevation changes.

When I got home, I got my #RLYglow flow on. Still struggling with the revolved boat pose (if you watch the video, I crashed to the ground at least once) but the addition for this day was cat and cow pose. I love going through cat and cow pose, it’s a great way to stretch out my back and neck.

Friday, January 20

It was gorgeous outside for my rest day and I FINALLY hit my step goal on a Friday. WIth how cold it’s been lately (like sub-zero with the windchill) I haven’t been getting outside to get walks in. But it was almost 40 outside and it felt great to take Vinnie on longer walks and get outside for a walk during the work day.

For yoga, I just did day five of #RLYglow and added updog onto my flow. Still struggling with balance but it got a little better. And then, since I didn’t do any core work on Thursday, I decided to do a longer core workout versus doing a yoga video. I ended up doing a 20 minute core series and everything was burning by the end.

Saturday, January 21

6 miles ~ 1:00:02 ~ 10:00 min/mile

I slept in Saturday morning (which meant waking up at about 6:15 a.m. but I got over nine hours of sleep) which felt really good because my body needed it. I headed down to the river at 8 a.m. to get my pace run in. My pace for these runs should be 10:30 minute miles but as you can tell, that didn’t happen.

I don’t know if it’s the temperature (about 27 when I started my run but it felt amazing) or I was just excited to be out running faster but I flew through those miles. The first two miles were right around 9:50 and the rest were between 10:00 and 10:11. Which wouldn’t have been a bad pace if I was doing a pace run for a half marathon but that was way too fast for my marathon training. I’ve still got about 14 weeks to work on my pacing and I’m sure that it will get better. I’ve just got to mentally remember that I’m planning to go at this speed for 26.2 miles, not the 6-10 miles I’ll be running in training.

I foam rolled at the gym before going grocery shopping and then did my #RLYglow flow when I got home. I finally kept balanced on the revolved boat pose and the entire flow felt great. As always, Vinnie decided he needed to join in too.

Sunday, January 21

8 miles ~ 1:26:57 ~ 10:51 min/mile

Sunday was another gorgeous day for a run! It was 32 degrees outside with basically no wind so I didn’t bring a hat or gloves along. It’s just feeling so good to be running in slightly less layers.

I ran a pretty similar route to my runs on Wednesday and Saturday, I just added on an extra mile before turning around. And I went up the West River Parkway climb on my way back, which is basically a long climb from the river up to the Franklin Avenue Bridge to cross the river. The segment on strava is just 0.20 miles but it’s a 6% grade. It’s the other climb that’s my goal to make it up without walking.

And I did it on this run! Plus I got my second best time on that climb, with my run/walk up it last week only being one second faster. And I made it up the hill by St. Thomas without walking also (which is only a 2% grade).

My pace throughout this run was a little faster than I’d like it to be but it wasn’t way too fast. Most of my splits were between 10:40 and 10:50, with miles 5 and 8 being 11:11 and 11:13. But still, I should be running these long runs in 11 to 11:15 splits.

After my run, walked a little bit just so I didn’t shock my legs from going straight from running to sitting in the car. And then I did my foam rolling at the gym and sat in the sauna which felt amazing. It was just super relaxing to sit in a quiet, warm, dark room and just relax after getting these miles o my legs this week.

And that’s it for week three of Eau Claire Marathon training! Next week, I’m back to a double digit long run (13 miles) and I have another pace run on Saturday. How was your last week? Let me know in the comments.