January Faves

Another month almost gone and it’s time for some favorites of mine from this month! And believe me, one of them is not the sub-zero temperatures from early January. Or the foot of snow we got on Monday (that would be on Vinnie's favorite list though!).

Monthly Faves January Instagram.jpg


Even though I was not a fan of the cold temperatures early this month, it got me back into watching Supernatural while doing my treadmill runs. I started watching it on Netflix last year and then just didn't stick to it. But I got through season two and into season three while running on the treadmill. Now I’ve just got to continue watching it!

The Good Place

Mike and I started watching The Good Place on our honeymoon. We got through all of season one and caught up on season two during the week we were in Seattle. That’s how good this show is! I can’t say much because it will spoil the show but I love how they basically changed the show’s premise for season two and how well it works. Plus the cast is amazing. This show is a must watch if you love a good laugh.

Over easy eggs

This is one of the many food things Mike has gotten me to like since we started dating (other things include medium rare steaks, sushi and caramel). But there’s nothing better after a long run that a brunch meal of over easy eggs over something carby. The yolk just tastes amazing and soaks into the bread or potato I’ve broken it over.

What have your favorite things been from this past month? Let me know in the comments!