Oatmeal Runner Reviews...Nuun Vitamins

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Back in August, I wrote a review about Nuun tablets and I used them. But since then, I’ve become a Nuun Ambassador and wanted to come back and talk about their vitamins line! I mentioned the vitamin line a little in my last post but since then I’ve tried some more flavors and have been incorporating them into daily life.

So what’s the difference between Nuun Vitamins and Nuun Electrolytes? While the electrolytes are meant to be taken during a hard workout to replenish what you lose through sweating (like a sports drink but low-carb), the vitamins line is meant to be supplement to your daily life while you are working out hard or not. The vitamin line flavors have a lighter taste and include 11 vitamins and minerals.

I’ve been big on drinking lots of water everyday and sometimes plain water gets a little boring. So, instead of water flavoring drops, I prefer to drop a Nuun vitamin tablet into one of my bottles during the day. I get something besides plain water and an extra bit of vitamins in addition to what I eat during the day. It’s much more convenient because I don’t need to worry about getting enough flavor (or way too much) like I do with drops. I just drop a tablet in and go.


I’ve tried four of their six vitamin flavors (don’t worry, my next order will include the other two) and just like with the electrolytes I’ve enjoyed them all. But if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Ginger Lemonade because it’s the best flavor to have hot.

Yes, hot Nuun is a thing and it’s amazing during the winter. All you do is drop a Nuun tablet into hot water and it dissolves super fast. You can also add it to your favorite black or green tea as an extra flavor. I loved this method with Ginger Lemonade because it dissolves in about thirty seconds so less waiting time and it warmed me up on the those sub zero-days!

Have you tried Nuun Vitamins? Let me know in the comments!