How I'm getting past a bad run

Yesterday, I had a bad run on the treadmill. The first sucky run of Eau Claire Marathon training. I felt pretty defeated at the end of the run and had doubts about how I could reach my goal if I was struggling on a short pace run.

But I know I can’t let one bad run color my entire training cycle. And it doesn’t mean that I’m going to fail at a 4:45 marathon time just because of that one run. So here’s how I’m getting past that bad run.

Going over what could have been better

So, I had a bad run. So what made it bad? It was those last three miles where I couldn’t getting my pacing under control (even though I was on a treadmill). One mile too slow, one too fast and the last too slow. And I’ve given myself time to think about what I could have gone better. What was and wasn’t in my control to change.

And it’s making me feel better. It doesn’t make the run go away from my head but it helps me understand what I could change in the future and what I have no control over. I could have run at the apartment gym instead of LA Fitness but I had no control over how icy it was outside.

“Changing the Channel”

And now that I’ve thought about what I could have changed, I’ve written about my bad run and posted it on social media, I’m going to try not thinking about it. Easier said than done. But I know that if I keep on thinking about it, I’m only going to doubt myself more. So tonight, I’m going to hang out with Mike (and all the dogs since we’re dog-sitting for his parents) and watch some tv. I’m going to try not to think or talk about that run.

Look forward to the future

Lastly, I’m going to look forward to tomorrow’s run. It’s a long run of 13 miles so I’m going to get outside and brave the icy sidewalks at a slower pace. Some nice solo time, not with tons of people around me and out in nature. Plus I’ve got a new audiobook to listen to. I’ll be listening to The Lost Tudor Princess by Alison Weir, which is a biography of Mary Douglas. I love Tudor history and I’m excited to learn more about this niece of Henry VIII.

Have you had a bad run recently? How did you get past it? Let me know in the comments!