Training Tips Tuesday #5

For week’s training tip, I want to talk about how I treat myself after a long run. Besides with a hot bath and a good nap.

One thing I’ve been doing is having a treat meal for dinner on Sundays, along with an alcohol drink (usually a craft beer or wine). And I’m still staying within my macros (although I’m looser with my calories on long run days since I’m running double digit mileage).

I’m not usually hungry right after my long run since I’m so worn out. I usually just drink my shake while foam rolling and having something more substantial quick to eat before my nap. Which means that by the time it’s dinner, I’m pretty hungry. So it’s nice to have something that’s more of a treat meal (like a homemade pizza or pasta meal) along with a drink (or two).

What’s your post-long run treat? Let me know in the comments!