What I'm Eating Before My Workouts

During my training for Twin Cities Marathon, I did a couple of “What do I eat in a Day” posts where I talked about what I was eating on different types of days. I’m planning on bringing them back but for now I wanted to share what I’m eating before workouts. Mainly because it’s changed up from what I was doing last year and I think it’s helping.

First of all, what I’m eating beforehand depends on when I’m working out. Most of the time, I’m working out after work but I also workout in the morning. Mainly on weekends but I’ll also workout in the morning on any days off. I’m not doing any runs before work during this cycle because it’s just too darn cold.


If I’m working out in the morning, I’ll just eat my normal breakfast about 90 minutes before. Typically this is oatmeal (because I am the Oatmeal Runner) but sometimes I mix it up with Kodiak cakes or some other type of waffle. Plus, I make sure to drink 20 oz of water and have a cup coffee too.

These combinations work best to make sure my stomach isn’t still digesting when I got out on a run but that I have enough energy to get me through a long run. So far, I haven’t been taking any gels on my run and have been feeling pretty good through my 13 miler. I’ll probably start taking gels when I get up to 15+ mile long runs which is just around the corner!

But, the majority of my workouts are after work and that’s where I’ve been mixing up my pre-workout meal the most. For the most parts, I’m eating something with a combination of fats, carbs and protein before my cross-training on Mondays. Sometimes Greek yogurt, sometimes a bar or something from our Naturebox. Which is pretty much what I was doing for all my post-work workouts last year.


The big change has become in what I’m having pre-run if I’m heading out after work. I found I was getting side stitches really easily (even on short three milers) when I was eating a heavier pre-workout snack. It was especially bad if I had Greek yogurt as part of my pre-workout. So now I’ve changed to a piece of fruit (right now it’s been an apple) and my stomach is feeling so much better! And I’ve just added on to my lunch or post-workout meal on those days to make sure I’m still getting in those nutrients.

Do you have a pre-workout snack? Let me know what your favorite one is in the comments!